Feelreal Multisensory VR Mask now on Indiegogo! Time to smell and feel VR!

Add smells, hot and cool wind, water mist, vibration and punches to your VR experiences!

Feelreal is a multisensory mask that, when attached with your VR headset, gives you a full sensory experience in your VR environment. From smell to temperature to vibration , you’ll have all your senses firing as you dive into new worlds.

We have already raised $140 000 on Kickstarter, and now we give you a new opportunity to get Feelreal Mask with a unique $90 discount !
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Now we support Arizona Sunshine, Skyrim VR, Last Day Defense, Death Horizon, Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams, Guided Meditation VR, Guns’N’Stories: Bulletproof, and more games are coming soon.
Also, you can watch any movie or video with smells and haptic effects!

Ask any questions about Feelreal in this thread!


Yeah and you don’t support Pimax right??

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Ill admit Im interested. But how much do we get gigged for the replacement cartridges, hopefully not a redoux of the printer cartridge scam. $299 retail is too rich for my blood though.

I like this quote " With vibration, smell, heat, and air, you know Adult VR will get even better . You’ll be able to smell the perfume, feel the soothing breath on your lips, and even experience the tingle of a kiss on your cheek. Full sensory VR means maximum sensual stimulation.
LMAO!! Not sure I want these smells in my HMD…

Im still not sure how each video or game will be supported without some code written??

Kickstart page says Pimax 5K+ is supported


Heat, cold & haptics alone could be nice. But otherwise cost of scents & how long a cartidge could be the question.

In multiplayer the mask might muffle the mic but hard to say.

Still has some good applications. The ks price seems reasonable but $299 retail might be high & maybe not.


For me the killer is the weight… 200 extra grams on the front? No way they should have done this as a counter weight, with “pipes” leaded the scences to the front.
Of course that would challenge the aspect of warmth and cold or haptic feedback…


The video showed you could customize videos to match the scents. I would pay the $200 but i just have a feeling the scents included are “starter” scents and that more will need to be purchased and at what price?? Also I think if its not supported by MANY games that it would be fun to experienced for a few months on the “few”? games that are supported but then the novelty would wear off and I would not use it any more.


Well they already mention some games they have scents for. So might have it’s program or support from a few devs?

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Yea I wonder if the game devs do the coding, or whatever you call it, or if the scent machine has some kind of software programmed by the Feelright programmers that is running in the background along with the game? If the game devs must do the coding and Feelright is the only scent machine being produced, then how long will the game devs want to continue to support, unles they are getting paid by Feelright, Man I have been throwing hundred dollar bills left and right at this Pimax experience and just need to know when to pull the brakes, lol

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Feelreal does have an adapter for Pimax headsets. We have already contacted Pimax representatives here on the forum and by e-mail, and right now we need to discuss the details.

So it will support Pimax once the headset comes out.

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One aroma cartridge (9 capsules for the game/movie + 1 bonus) costs $49.99 and lasts around 3 months of daily use. 1 capsule containing 1 smell is $4.99. Now on Indiegogo we have a discount for Skyrim and Arizona Sunshine cartridges.

In your quote about Adult VR you actually have a hint: you will smell the girl’s perfume… nothing too gross!

Developers add our SDK for Unity and Unreal to their games and VR experiences, and then put the triggers for aromas and haptic effects into the game. As for movies and videos, the Mask comes with Feelreal Editor app, which will help anyone enhance video content with Feelreal effects. So any user will be able to add smells, hot/cold wind, vibration and water mist to their favorite movies.


Yes, the aroma cartridge included (Feelreal Dreams Aroma Set) is a basiс set that’s created for our unique collection of VR experiences called Feelreal Dreams. It can also be used for many different games, videos and VR experiences. Also, now there’s a discount on Indiegogo for Skyrim and Arizona Sunshine Aroma Sets.

In our store one Aroma Set is $49.99, and it will last around 3 months of daily use.

By now Feelreal is supported by Arizona Sunshine, Skyrim VR, Last Day Defense, Death Horizon, Guns’nStories: Bulletproof, Guided Meditation VR and Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams. Many more games are coming soon, since we’re in the process of discussing it with the developers now. We will announce new supported content on our resources.


If we own two different headsets are we able to purchase an adapter seperatly?


Yes, you will be able to purchase another adapter for your other headset, right after the Indiegogo campaign is over!

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