Feelings of a backer

First of all, English is not my native language, so I apologize for any mistakes.

I want to start by thanking Pimax for being so brave and risk to improve virtual reality. We are continually seeing how big companies do not dare to take the step to increase FOV and it is appreciated that at least someone tries.

But after the famous “Pimax Day” I cannot say anything other than that I am disappointed and sad. They want to charge us for something they promised us for free (eye tracking) and they tell us that the controls will not be ready until at least March-May 2020 (and they told us they would send us the headset and the bases and controls in April-May of 2018 …). Well, this seems serious to me, but it’s not the worst.

What really disappoints me, is the subject of the 8K+ headset. They tell us they are going to make a discount to the backers? But what a joke is this? Pimax, the headset we backed is the 8K+, not the 8K that looks like a 5k, or worse. Many say that the company has the right to evolve its headsets, but let’s not forget that between the last backer that received an 8K and the launch of the 8K+ there will be less than 6 months apart. That is not an evolution, it is laughing in the face of the backers. For my part, if I do not receive an 8K + instead of my 8K (I would have to pay the $ 100 difference between 8K and 8K +), I have already decided not to support this company anymore. I supported you to take the product forward, and now you leave me with a product inferior to the one I supported in just 6 months.

I have the pimax 4k and I supported you because I believed in you, and during these two years I have waited patiently, but now, with these decisions, I no longer feel part of the “Pimax family”. You have abandoned me and I no longer trust you. I wish you good luck, you will need it, you are a very small fish in a big ocean. I sincerely believe that what you are least interested in is losing the support of the backers. But it is clear that we have only been a tool, because the facts prove it.

Thank you for this exciting trip, even if it has not finished as well as I would like.


I totally agree, dear iker.

It’s been months since I’ve visited the forum and it’s like having a “deja vi” there’s no way that pimax as a company will change anything in the way they proceed.

Their star for the kickstarter was the 8k, they convinced people to give them a 5k which they later christened 5k+ and left the development of the 8k, which now miraculously becomes an 8k+.

I’ve always been looking forward to Pimax, but the truth is that I’ve been disappointed for a long time and don’t think I’ll ever trust them again.

Greetings .


Pimax are very good jokers, as I understand it.
They constantly joke about dates, about panels, about controllers, etc.

In the case of 8K, they had to arrange direct replacements for 8K + at least.
(With the necessary surcharge, of course. Nobody says - do it for free.)
That would look right.
(Moreover, at the same time they have an exchange program for Pimax 4K and other headsets for 8K and 5K +. Why not exchange the current 8K and 5K + for the new 8KX and 8K +?)

And the discount really looks like a joke, sadly enough. But by doing so they show their attitude towards their backers. I do not think this is a good move. They sowed great doubts about their reliability as a company for many customers.

In addition, I was really looking forward to Sword Sense controllers.
And now we get a replacement for Valve’s Knuckles, and even $ 100 more expensive than Valve’s.
And Sword Sense is not known when it will be released.

Pimax, stop celebrating already! We need you in a sober mind and sound memory. All this looks like some kind of sarcasm :japanese_goblin:


You payed for the 8k and did get a chose to switch to 5k+ with they made instead off the 5k, the 8k+ is 8k-x downgraded.

I paid for an 8K that logically should look much better than a 5K. As the original 8K does not look much better than 5k, I understand that the real product that I supported is 8K +. There is no more mystery…


Exactly, no matter how much Pimax wants to tell us, the 8k are the 8k+, just as the 5k are the 5k+.

If they’d kickstarted with the 5k, they wouldn’t have had enough for popcorn.


And those who kept the initial choice of kickstarter, the 8k?

What happens that in 5 months they are able to develop an 8k+ ? Or was it interesting to do what they did, send the 8k and take a rabbit out of the hat with the 8k+ ?


And we must think that even the Pimax 8K+, for requirements and capacity is well below the 8K we were promised two years ago.
In every aspect: lenses, panels, ipd ajustment, modules, controllers, performance, software, usability… you name it.


So in 2 years when they come with a 8k++ or what ever it will be called you then also will say i should get this update also for free.


No, he just sell his Pimax 8K moths ago.

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One thing is to fullfil what they promised and then in a year or more to bring another product to market, and another to bring out a product that they have already had to have designed even before the shipments of the 8K and not say anything to then update it in less than six months.

Imagine the same with Sony Playstation 4 and Playstation 5.


Agree and as an 8k backer i’m not going to buy a new 1000 dollar device just for new panels only. I’m tempted to buy the 8kx as it has some more improvements. I think my final decision if and what to buy depends on what kind of deal Pimax will do the 3th week of October


For people who can’t have surgery or wear contact lenses and don’t have the option to use any prescription lenses with pimax, like me or a lot of users with more than 45 years old, what good is it that it even has native resolution of 16 or 32K?


No, of course not, but the kickstarter was not a 5k+, nor was it an 8k as they are right now, as they had to differentiate products change the screens they should have put from the beginning and put on sale a new product called 8k+.

Unfortunately, especially because outside of users KS , are not going to sell virtually anything and many of the KS are not going to buy a product from them even in jest.

If instead of developing a 5k (5k+) that no one in the KS support had dedicated themselves to developing the 8k, now we would all have the 8k+.

Now we go on with the same, with the bases, the controllers, etc

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Hey @tristanc and @Cdaked good to see you guys back! Yeah what a ride it’s been. People like us, who already were used to the Pimax 4k, we were expecting that Pimax 4k quality in terms of SDE and sharpness. We were expecting the HMD that now is the 8k+. That’s why you Spanish testers said you couldn’t give the green light for the 8k, since it was simply WAY below the expected quality.

In hindsight you guys were of course totally right. Pimax should not have released the 8k, but only the 5k+ and should have offered the option to switch to 5k+ or wait for the 8k to have good panels. Or even better, they should nog even have been talking at all about the Pimax 8k, when they didnt even have good panels for it.

But oh well. Here we are now, 2 years later and it seems we’re finally getting what we thought we’d get 2 years ago. Well, better late than never I guess. …


Glad to read you as always, mate, it is obvious that after seeing the image quality that we could see in the 4k, an hmd with two 4k displays deserved a good proportionality of quality in the image that was not.

To me the 8k arrived in April after a long wait and in the end was the same thing I saw throughout the process, people who supported your product would deserve what they now call the 8k +, in my case I do not care a little bit because I still see the lateral distortions, I do not know if the new hmds remain the same.

Greetings and pleasure to read you again.


I didn’t leave at any time; I check the forum every day.

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Of course not. But kickstarter promised that the KS version will be exactly the same as retail version (except packaging and perhaps some cosmetic polishing features).

Though there is no way out of this mess now. Even if they offered panel exchange for 8k (but what would they do with old panels then?) it would still not be fair for people switching to 5k+ (as simple panel exchange would not work there). They probably should have only released 8KX for backers right now and introduced new models (8k+ and 8kx for retail) sometimes next year.


I mean you can’t order an 8KX until next year.

What you all are missing is Pimax is a small Company that want to make the best headset they can, so they will not follow HTC, Valve, Oculus standard were they make a headset and stick with that even do they could make a better version, Pimax will remake there headset when they get a better panel and rename it. If/when they get oled rgb panels 4k that work they will make a new 8k-x.

And yes that can feel abit like you got cheated out off the price, but thats the reality.