Feeling the speed with Pimax - in comparison with other headsets

Hey everyone!
While writing a 8KX story for the event, some old stuff came into my mind. It’s more or less a question to all simracers here in this forum. But, first of all i want to introduce you into this topic:
I did a research and a analysis regarding the information of racing drivers in a simulated environment. Back in 2017 I only had a Oculuc Rift to do this research. Now i want to know, what your opinion is. Do you feel the racing speed and can you value the speed more correctly by using a Pimax instead of another VR headset with 90/110° FoV?

I do not have any comparison because i only bought a Pimax for my simracing simulator. Whats about you? I am really looking forward to read about your experiences.

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Yep the sense of speed and the car itself is better in the Pimax When driving IRL the peripheral vision shows the most speed, so with more FOV we get a better sense of speed.

Kinda like this: Perception of speed - Album on Imgur

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thats relly really good. and this is exactly how it is. Have you read my topic? I did a research about this topic. but now i am more interested in a real comparison between headsets. maybe its also a comparison between potato, small, normal, large FoV in pitool. meanwhile the potato view is deleted and not available with the 8kx, correct?

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Yes I did read it. I’ve used a bunch of headsets, and started simracing because of VR. I’m not sure what you mean by “real comparison.” Bigger FOV the better, but of course it should be sharp too (8KX ftw). Regardless of the FOV of VR, when I go to a monitor I’m absolutely terrible. No sense of speed or what the car can do and I get a headache trying to focus “down the road” on a flat monitor. With VR I get an awesome adrenaline rush and no headaches. I can see why your research shows using the 8KX gives more reliable data and ability to practice for real races. I bet with eyetracking heatmaps one can improve based on data from the best racers out there…shouldn’t be too long now until we see that. I thought you had the 8KX? Potato is still there. While I’d like to play on Large FOV it’s tough to keep up performance in some games. Small is good enough for me.

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The result of my research was, that you only need 170° FOV. More than 170° don’t have any effect of guessing the correct speed. So I think that “normal” is good enough.

Well… I haven’t seen “potato” in pitool. And yes, I have the 8kx and I am using the native mode. Maybe potato isn’t available in native mode…

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Oh, by the way… here is the official poll page. I would be very happy if you can leave a vote for me :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity, is 170° supposed to be horizontal FOV? And how did you figure out that it was enough?

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Yes horizontal. from left to right. I figured it out by letting drivers go on a circuit and drive along this course. The mistakes they did were minimized with 170°. 200° had no significant improvement of false free driving. with 90° there were many misjudgements in terms of speed and braking points.
another research did my professor some years earliere with a tripple screen and normal drivers. the results of both researches were the same. My professor saw no significant improvement at a border of 150° and i found out that 170° is enouth.
While I did the thesis, the pimax was not available. I did it with a Oculus Rift and used the results to do an own research after getting my own Pimax this year.

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Ok, and how did you measure the FOV (or ensure that was the FOV the driver saw)? Did you use some kind of “horse blinders” set for the particular FOV?

For your info, Pimax can only render 160° horizontal FOV in Large FOV.

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It was measured with geometrix and an external tripple screen from my professors research. I did it with the pimax by my own. Using the large and the normal mode. Its not a real measurement I did with the pimax. Its more or less guessing the real FoV while using this headset. It was a comparison with pictures and guessing the FoV the driver saw on track. you know what I mean?
What I really can say: there was no improvement from normal to large setting in pi tool.


Pimax Headsets have 160 Wide on Large and 140 on Normal. See @risa2000 hmdq data base and or use the tool.


ah ok, I thought it was a bit different what you told me. I calculated the FoV with papers how far i can recognice something. with my calculation the FoV were a bit wider than you said. Havnt looked it up before. Anyway, the normal setting is enough and the large settings seems not having any significant benefit while racing in terms of false free racing. on the other hand, the difference to the oculus rift is huge.

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