[Feature Request] Start aSeeVR (and/or the UltraLeap) service with PiTool

Could we get an option to automatically start aSeeVR and/or the UltraLeap service (don’t remember the name of it) with PiTool?

We can enable PiTool to start with Windows and we can enable Pimax Home (Pimax Experience) to launch automatically too (when a headset is detected) and You’re clearly polling for the presence of both the eye tracking module and the hand tracking module so why not just launch the relevant service whenever it’s needed? :slight_smile:

Or, make two more options available in the “Settings” -> “General” tab:

  • Start eye tracking service (aSeeVR)
  • Start hand tracking service (UltraLeap or whatever the name is?)

(IMO both should be enabled by default)

It’s fine to have to possibility of not starting these services automatically (one obvious one in regards to the eye tracking module would be to force the use of FFR instead of DFR) but I see no reason to not offer the possibility to launch them at PiTool launch :slight_smile:

@Alex.liu / @SweViver :slight_smile:


Absolutely, that’s going to be added. Thanks for this!
We are also trying to build-in the eye tracking calibration inside PE, together with eye tracking UI interaction. Not really an easy task, but its in progress.


Thanks a lot, Martin and a happy new Year to the three of You…! :slight_smile:


Likewise! Happy New Year, Christian :slight_smile:


Just FYI, in the meantime, this batch file starts VoiceAttack , LeapService , etc , before starting Pimax Experience. So it can be used to ‘hook’ PiTool’s starting of ‘PVRHome’ , to start other things as well.

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Thanks Matthew.

Haven’t used VA much besides during the tiny bit of E:D gaming I’ve done, but it does sound useful… Only problem for me would be trying to stay quiet as I often play when the kids asleep and the little one sleeps right next to my room scale play space… :slightly_smiling_face:

Less of a problem when the VA macros are only being used to manage the OS and such. I do have all the actual ship controls and such bound to HOTAS. All the ship controls.

Anyway, the point is that it is possible to hook PVRHome starting, with a batch file instead, causing anything desirable to happen. Such as starting/stopping LeapService .

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Sorry. Didn’t even notice that… :slight_smile:

I just thought You meant starting it all through VA, but when actually reading the script (or even the comment You made about it) properly it makes perfect sense… My bad… :smiley:


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