Feature Request: Option for PiTool to not access the controllers (Knuckles Support)

I want to request the implementation of a check box which disables PiTool from grabbing controllers. Currently PiTool accesses controllers directly and passes them to Steam VR, this is needed for Oculus games to work without going through Revive.

But this implementation brings problems with it, PiTool grabs all Steam VR controllers no matter how they are connected to the PC (custom flashed dongles, paired to Vive…). Because Pitool does think all controllers are wands the mapping of all other controllers are wrong, like Knuckles and custom built controllers.

This feature not being implemented will create bad publicity for Pimax, for example in the new video about the Knuckle Controllers from MRTV commentors are questioning him why he didnt use his Pimax anymore in this Video.

Please implement a option to disable this function of Pitool so I can use my custom controllers with my Pimax. This would future proof Pimax HMDs to work with all future controllers without having to code in every controller one by one.


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To be honest, I am not sure I understand what you are asking for?

If I do not want to use my Vive wands with Pimax, I turn them off (or do not turn them on), so there is no collision. If I pair the wands with Vive then in order to use them with Pimax, I have to re-pair them with Pimax otherwise I cannot use them (and if I pair them with Pimax, then again, I can no longer use them with Vive).

What is the problem with your custom controllers? You write at the beginning that you do not want PiTool to “grab” the controllers automatically, and at the end suggest that “not grabbing by Pimax” you actually allow you to use them with Pimax?

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This is one of the main developers of half life 2 vr. I’m not joking. He wants to make this game compatible with pimax, and in context of this post, using the upcoming valve knuckle controllers in unison with pimax.
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Pitool intercepts HTC Vive wands from steamvr I think but nothing more. So if your a dev implementing knuckles controller into your game and also making your game work on pimax, well you can’t.

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Basically the PiTool software routes any controllers through itself, and while doing so it thinks these controllers are Wands. So for example if we use the Knuckles controllers, they would appear to Steam VR as wands without any of the custom functions, which means no extra stick, no extra buttons and no finger movement.

By letting the controllers bypass PiTool and directly talk to Steam VR they will stop working with Oculus games launched via PiTool but will work correctly with all their custom functions in the Pimax as long as it is using Steam VR.

Here is a Reddit thread about this: https://www.reddit.com/r/Pimax/comments/amkgcy/knuckles_working_with_pimax/


So this implementation would prevent Pimax users using knuckles controllers from playing Oculus games? Seems like a better idea to push for a better controller design made by Pimax.

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As long as you launch the Oculus games via Revive instead of Pitool they should still work. The nice thing about this implementation is it basically would only take a minute to implement as it literately is only disabling a function.