Feature request if possible, 120/144hz mode FPS lock to XX fps outside smart smoothing, Flight sims

Hi there!

I got a feature request for flight sims specifically. For the most part its difficult to hold 60/72 in flight sims with a lot going on but even at 40 fps in 144 mode the perceived fps is high. You do of course get a ghosting effect on fast roll and looking straight to the side which cant be avoided . I rarely notice myself however and i’m usually quite busy in a combat environment. What kills it though is the that the fps varies causing stutter. Is there any way to add a manual fps lock to Pitool outside of smart smoothing? This would be a fantastic tool


This is an awesome and very useful idea.


This is the first thing that should be added to pitool. I asked for this over a year ago and no response :frowning:


@SweViver said “I have forwarded this request to the devs. Indeed we need a “force” option for this, as the transition between 90fps and SmartSmoothing kicking in on framedrops is causing a slight delay and stutters.”

Still waiting…


Yes, force Smart Smoothing always on.

I agree this would be very useful, and should be rather simple to implement.

Myself, I either try to achieve mostly >50FPS at 60Hz without Smart Smoothing, or 30-45FPS at 60Hz with Smart Smoothing. My use cases thus far are consistent enough that frequent toggling between Smart Smoothing active/inactive can be avoided, but the risk has long bothered me.

All that said, we much more urgently need 60Hz for the PRODUCTION 8kX units. That really should have been available from the start.


Please make a new topic to avoid confusion. Its not about forcing smoothing on but a fps lock that has nothing to do with smoothing. Very small chance it will ever be implemented but one can ask

I misunderstood then. IIRC, locking the FPS under NVIDIA control panel did not work, so that would indeed be a useful feature.

But is it even possible to lock FPS and not have ghosting/stutter? I mean if you have 90Hz and 60fps then it’s unplayable (and easy way to get motion sickness). Even 85fps on 90Hz panel will stutter. That’s why we have smart smoothing so it can “double the frame” to match refresh rate.

Am I thinking wrong?

btw, I understand that in your case in DCS ghosting is not a problem. This option would be good for you and I have nothing against it. Just I think adding smart smoothing ALWAYS ON would solve the problem for you and be more beneficial for everybody.

Im afraid you got it wrong. If you look closely do explain it in the original post. Its got nothing to do with smart smoothing. Even at 40 fps its still being refreshed at 144 and feels smooth even though its clearly not from a fps standpoint. Its not very noticeable looking straight, if at all but you can tell when looking straight to the side that the fps is much lower and you see that as a sort of ghosting, cant remove that as i mention. If however there’s a larger than 5 fps stutter you tend to notice it but having a fps lock on 50 if you can stay above 55 would most likely eliminate that stutter. The reason for keeping 144 and accepting a lower fps is better perceived clarity less eye strain and a smoother overall feel in the picture. I can comfortably fly at 40 fps in 144hz (feels better than 90/45 to me) myself and It hard to keep 72 fps in a flight sim to stay within smart smoothing so this could be a slight workaround for those that prefers that sweet 144 (try 144hz vs 72hz in a motion rig, the difference is huge) and you can stick on some extra options for graphics if you’d like. Having 1 real and 2 injected could possibly be something for the future when the currents motion smoothing artifacts and ghosting is fixed for slow paced seated games but that i highly doubt we will ever see. The use is of course marginal but non the less useful for a few. But yeah i dont think it will be much of a priority since they dont have a force smoothing on button yet either.

Thank you for explaining :slight_smile: In this case fps lock would be a very good tool. Or maybe you will find a 3rd party app, doing similar job :wink:

Until Pimax implements this you can use RivaTuner Statistics Server to limit FPS in VR games. I’ve been using it for SW Squadrons to force 60 FPS to avoid stuttering in higher framerate.

You can create separate profiles for games or a global one for all.

If you’re using MSI Afterburner (popular GPU OC software), it’s using RTSS for displaying framerate, temp, OC etc. monitoring in 2D games, so if you have it installed you should also have RTSS (it “hides” in tray).

If not, here’s link:
Guru3D RTSS Rivatuner Statistics Server Download 7.3.0 Beta 6


Any chance that Rivatuner Statistics Server has a performance impact? Even a 10%of30Hz/3ms impact is unacceptable.

Hey man, sorry for late response, I rarely visit this forum.

As to your question, I can’t say for sure, but considering it also comes in a package with overclocking software, I highly doubt so. I mean it would be counterproductive to gain extra few % fps due to OCing your GPU only to then loose it thorough other (useful, but not necessary for OC) piece of software. If that was the case, I’m sure it’d be a widely known issue.

Thanks, but unfortunately, multiple popular OC software programs are indeed known to harm performance on balance due to badly designed overlays, or just badly designed software. IIRC some older versions of EVGA XOC/X1 and RivaTuner software were notorious for this.

For now, I think I will stay with what I have. I have a hard time just getting 30FPS as it is. Thanks anyway though.


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