Farewell Pimax it's been... PAINFULL! (Resolved)

So, on the 17th of January I raised my 2nd support ticket with Pimax to RMA my 5k+ due to a cracked case. When I raised the ticket after having previously been through the process which took 3 months to resolve, I did it to see if the support process had improved before investing in an 8KX.
Basically, there was no way I would buy another Pimax product if the support was of the same poor quality, especially given the value of the 8KX. Had the experience been improved I intended to use the current owner upgrade program and sell the 5K+ on. I raised the ticket and got a pretty rapid response asking for additional details. Great I thought, things have improved. I provided the additional details and photos of the cracks etc and then received a reply asking if I would accept a $50 coupon and a silicone sleeve. Again, the responses were pretty quick and a vast improvement on my previous experience with support. I declined the offer and stated that I intended to buy an 8KX and sell the 5k and would lose a lot of money on the 5k if I sold it with the cracks. I then received an offer of $350 off when I bought the 8KX. Great I thought but let me just check that I could use this discount with the current owner upgrade offer, the deadline for the offer was fast approaching and I didn’t want to miss it, so asked the question. At this point radio silence. Given it was CNY and the CV outbreak etc I left it a couple of days and then asked for an update/answer to my question, still no reply. Keep in mind it’s been mentioned that support would be covered by the US team during this period on the forums. Still nothing. A week or so later I get a reply stating I couldn’t use the coupon with the upgrade program. This makes absolutely no sense, had I gone ahead and purchased the 8KX using the upgrade program it would have cost more or less the same as the discount I was offered and I would’ve then been in a position to RMA the 5K and sell it on. So basically, the offer of a discount instead of an RMA was costing me money as the offer was exactly the same upgrade program discount for someone who had a 5k that wasn’t cracked! I went back and stated this and was offered an insulting $15 increase lol! Obviously, I declined, and I’ve basically given up on Pimax and requested an RMA which I’ve been told will be done via China. Great so unlike before there are now no European based service / return centres so this will no doubt take weeks to resolve. Great move Pimax!

Although this has been a pain, on the bright side at least I didn’t invest any more money in this sham of a company. Yes, the technology is great and ahead of the game at the moment, but for me personally I’ll take my money elsewhere because the tech really doesn’t make up for the poor support and poorly constructed devices. I hope for all those that have bought 8KX’s and 8K+'s you don’t have any problems. I don’t hold out much hope to be honest given the historical short comings of the company and the products they sell. If you’re thinking of buying a Pimax device my advice would be DON’T, it’s good tech poorly executed which will no doubt let you down as will the resulting support.


Sorry to hear all that.
Just one thing I would like to point out about the 17th - it was bad timing (not your fault).


Thats a really old excuse when Pimax have known for years that a good amount of their customers are not from China and keep saying they have international support centres and even threaten to sue people who publish statements that contradict this.

Clearly they have someone replying to messages as they still managed to offer him $50 for his 5k+.


Yep bad timing but tbh they picked up the ticket and responded less than a day later and could have resolved it within a couple of hours. I was impressed i got a reply so quickly, where they failed was the rediculous offer. It made zero sense!


Have you PM 'Ed @PimaxQuorra?
I really had a good experience, to bad that it is not so for everybody…


Pimax is obviously most focused on bringing the 8kX to everyone. I hardly think it’s fair to suggest they should be in a good position right now to prioritize providing the best support during the Chinese New Year.

Now that said, having created a forum topic about this, you are likely to attract the kind of support that can at least help you get this sorted out after the Chinese New Year.

Obviously, I am very happy to have my Pimax Vision 8kX, so I have to say, don’t give up on it if possible. It puts VR into an entirely new category of usefulness.


I haven’t no. Hopefully they pick up this tag @PimaxQuorra


Still might be till Monday till they return - Holiday and Virus are still a thing going on


Yeah I am sure they will get this sorted out. They are just working getting the global support better organized & implemented.


They tried to lowball me as well. With a similarly ridiculous offer.
Originally backed a full-kit 8k, got baited into switching to 5k+.
Received a pixel-dead headset, requested RMA. Got an offer for a 100$ online shop coupon.
Only after complaining on Youtube, Reddit and this forum they changed their mind and had me pay 50USD shipment cost for the return unit. Got rid of the replacement unit as soon as I got it (4 weeks).
They behave like scammers and don’t care about anything else besides cashflow.
Don’t give them any more money.
Have a nice weekend!


I got the same offer recently as a remedy for my 5k+ (dead pixel, black dots, small cracks - 202 version).

I had asked exactly the same question, if I could apply the offered discount to the backer plan, and I wonder if the answer will be the same.

it makes no sense, they aren’t related offers. I could understand if i was looking for extra discount but i’m not. I’m entitled to an RMA and elegible for the upgrade…

Honestly, I believe that the bad support is due to having to many headset, so because of that they have to deal with all the problems in each headsets and make sure that everyone get the headset they bought. Having to many headsets is screwing with the schedules and I believe making support slow which in tirely if they keep doing thay the business will fall apart. They should stick with 3 or 2 headsets so like this the headsets that work will be easy to deliver and they can take a break and actually respond to tickets. Another think is that Pimax you should actually stop making new headsets, it is not good for business because it feels like you’re giving everything in one go and not leaving room for the future. Keep in mind that pc tech is still improving so giving the 8kx right away is giving your company an empty space before the new tech comes to make a more powerful headset with true 8k resolution so pimax “16k” lol, unless you guys figure out a tech that will make every eyes look at you. But ya there’s no consumer price graphic card yet ready for a next Gen future pimax yet if you want to beat your 8kx. But hey, maybe you guys have something under your sleeves soooo we’ll see.

Or give out the 8kx since people paid for it during Kickstart but hold off the artisan. If you have a Pimax 8kx Super coming… Hold it for couple years before releasing it, so no teasing no ads just hold it for later, maybe like 4 years and than show the new 8kx Super and same thing with the Pimax 16k lol, hold it for later, let people enjoy what they have now. Oculus is a good example, quest didn’t come right away and we still don’t know when oculus two is coming so like this people are enjoying there headsets and new comers join vr so when the new headset come these people will also buy the new headset so they are making more money like this but if they knew oculus 2 was coming right after the first one they would have waited for it. So let people spend now and enjoy and they will spend again for new headsets.

Sorry I just don´t see how that´s a bad customer support. You asked for an RMA and you got an RMA. Of course it would be great for you if you got the 385$ off the already discounted owner upgrade plan, but now you get a perfectly fine Pimax 5k+ which you can in return sell for around 350 - 400$.
It´s propably not cost effective for them to give you another 385$ off of the owner upgrade plan, that´s why they declined. Do you really think that another company would do such a thing? I think you expected to much and are now angry because of that. If they would have just offered you an RMA you would have been happy.

Your timing was unlucky with them not responding because of the CNY but how is that bad support? You literally got what you are asking for. The end result is the same.

I also had my 2nd ticket early this year and it got resolved. I think the support is way better now then what it was. Even though my first RMA only took 4 weeks.


Ok let me spell it out.

I own a 5k and am entitled to an RMA due to the cracks.

I own a 5k and can use the upgrade offer.

They offer me a discount on a 8KX, which is the equivalent of the owner upgrade in place of a replacement unit. So I lose out on the owner upgrade deal. That’s a bad deal for me. It’s quite clear really. The bad support comes from this and my previous experience where it took 3 months to replace a headset.

What I should have done was bought an 8kx using the owner upgrade program and then whilst waiting for the 8kx RMA’d my 5k and then sold a brand new unopened 5I on ebay or wherever. I’m glad I didn’t do that as I’d be tied into pimax with another unit and no doubt more pain.

You are however still offered an RMA which you should take as you can´t combine the two discounts (very few company´s allow that in my experience). You get a brand new HMD and you can sell it, use it, whatever you want.

They offered you a deal which is not to your liking. So you don´t take it.

I don´t think that is bad support as you still have the option to just RMA it.


Yes I am doing an RMA for a device not the discount they offered instead of a replacement unit. That is totally separate to the owner upgrade deal I was entitled to so the 2 things aren’t connected in anyway.

I can relate, I had a bad experience wih them too. They made you feel like venting about it somewhere that others can view and make their own judgment before joining in. As I did.

If it’s because of the language barrier or not, it shouldn’t feel like there’s shifty shenanigans going on against your best interests when all you’re doing is asking for what’s due. And I have felt it, many felt it.

Maybe some read this as a slight on pimax, jumping on the latest complaint, some negative troll posting up again that would like to see them fail, but I have already finished with my personal rant- it’s on here (unless it’s deleted I haven’t checked)
and just want to think that customers get treated in a way that makes them not WANT to post this kind of stuff any more.

What I’m talking about here is, to make sure that there are no more people like me complaining and suggesting that they don’t care about their customers so long as they can get away with fobbing people off with miscommunication and non deals for compensation, they need to make the impression that they care. That’s all. And even though it’s been 9 months since my own forced resolution they’re still creating new ones here. It’s one thing answering quickly. If sod all is resolved in 4 months, what benefit is left.

That’s either incompetence or deliberate. Nobody will ever convince me that they weren’t just uninterested in my problem, and holding onto my cash as long as possible while not sending me goods I already paid for. They better start convincing people otherwise if they want to be around longer than a hot minute. And I hope they are. Nobody else is interested in making the jump forward in vr, and if only they sort their stuff out, they’d have a chance of making it big. Sort it out ffs. I still want an 8KX. Who doesn’t. But as it stands, I promise I won’t buy one from pimax direct. Make that change.