Fan base enabled Alien Isolation for VR

found this on reddit today… looks like its possible to get Alien Isolation on a ‘kind of’ vr setup using a modified dll. I might even give this one a try


The game can also be had for $11 with all DLC from:

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cant get this to work… tried in pimax and video mode, after making pimax screen default in windows display properties. if i try it in pimax mode the game crashes… can anyone let me know if they found out how to do it.

looks like it only works for rift at this stage and pimax can use oculus home but I may have the wrong oculus runtime?

Not tried this myself with this game but have you tried injecting the.exe with Revive and running through steam,or even patching through Revive still a bit new to Revive myself so I could be talking out of my arse here regarding this,but have had success with quite a few Oculus only games in steam VR.

Thanks for this link. Was just looking at the Steam Store today and was about to go and buy it. :slight_smile:

yes i have tried with revive, didn’t work for me. I will try a few different combos in revive that i know of and see if i can get it working.


Any luck with this so far?
I know Nibre is intending to release the SteamVR version this week, so if it doesn’t work at all on revive, we should be good on steamvr.

Nibre just released the vive version.

can you please give me the link :slight_smile:

I just tried it, and it is incredible. Just put the files in your Alien folder, and -steamvr in launch options.

im gonna give them a try tomorrow night :slight_smile: thanks

How its works for you?I was try this and all time same problem like on this photo.Of course mine vr headset is plugged correctly before im start this game .

Now work fine:) I was forget put -steamvr in launch option game.

It works amazingly well. The only problem I have noticed so far is that when you use terminals etc, the position of the animation is dependent on the gyro, which means the awful gyro drift in 1.2.97 kind of spoils it. When I was playing yesterday I had to guess the location of buttons on a computer because Riplay was facing 180 degrees away from the terminal.

Can we have manual gyro config back please @anon23564932

The computer screens are also too close but Nibre is working on that. So far though, it is definitely worth it. I just got to the part when the Alien turns up for the first time, and immediately turned the game off. I have completed it twice already but still it is still too scary in VR.

Ok, so a temporary fix for the gyro drift (in this game and any other, presumably) is to sit in a swivel chair and align your body with the center. I can’t believe I never thought of that before. It isn’t perfect but it is better than having Ripley’s body face 90 degrees away from you.

Hi, PiPlay 2.0 has added this feature about manual gyro calibration. It will come soon.


Cheers, @PIMAX-Support

Could you pls confirm either Piplay 2.0 be including the SBS feature? to Enable SBS on games without SBS? Thanks a lot! @anon23564932 @PIMAX-Support :slight_smile: (Even BETA version of this feature would be appreciated for geeks like me!)

Played about 2 hours of this last night… Damn it scared the bjesus out of me! Even the sound is excellent and very immersive

Came across some hostile synthetics and can’t for the life of me work out how to get past or kill them… Will have to try again tonight.

If you are going to play this, found changing the in game resolution to 1024x768 while pimax is set to 4k helps a bit with the screens and utilities like scanner a bit not being off screen when using vr. Also drop your mouse speed right down. Got killed a couple of times by Mr alien when he surprised me and I turned my head and the mouse at the same time in panic and ended up running right at him after spinning 180 degrees rather than 90. Lol. Capped myself when he’s right in your face!!


Yeah, same. I have completed the game twice, once on nightmare. In vr I am playing on medium because it is way too scary. When I got to medical, I just turned the game off and avoided it for two days. I was scared of the death scene. I have to play it in short stints, like 20 mins or so. An improvement on the 5 mins I was playing before.

Do you have to change your graphics settings every time you load up the game? For me, certain settings stick, like resolution, but things like AO and shadows keep resetting by themselves.

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i have only played in VR twice so far, and this is my 1st playthrough… doing it all in VR :slight_smile: no i dont have to reset the settings, although having no crosshair when using the gun is a challenge, cant shoot synthetics in the head if not sure where the bullet is going!?