Fallout VR with Creation Engine on the Pimax 8K

Since Unity Engine games should run fine and Unreal Engine games needs game dev patch (right?) I’m curious how the Creation Engine will handle 200 fov and so on.
Thankful for your thoughts and insights.

Information from the team themselves would be much appreciated.
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Bump. Although im pretty sure because its openvr as long as steamvr supports pimax which it does, then all though work. Some additional features would be nice though, such as an openvr brainwarp mod, to make that work on steamvr games (if it doesnt already, there is little info here).

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When the game comes out we find out.

Ask Bethesda, even though SteamVR supports arbitrary HMD parameters, I don’t believe they will have proper support. Why? Because it is Bethesda, they can never output something that works on the first try, and their creation engine showed its age even 5 years ago.

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When Pimax 8K comes out we find out.


When Fallout VR comes out and community asks Pimax to try it.

When Fallout VR comes out and community asks Pimax to try it and 6 weeks later. /s

So Unreal games need to be patched by the devs? The first game I want to try when I get my headset is Titanic Honor and Glory Demo 3 and it is VERY UNLIKELY to be patched at all for such a thing. I’m gonna be pretty sad if I wont be able to use my 8k with it :frowning: