Facebook's research into hyper-realistic human full body tracking avatars is pretty amazing

Also check out their hyper-realistic face tracking video:

Edit, here’s an improved version of their face tracking:

This is some pretty amazing stuff and something I’ve always dreamed about. Imagine being able to socialize with people, go on dates, etc, from anywhere in the world in a virtual fantasy land. The possibilities are endless.

This is especially useful whenever we are in a pandemic and have to practice physical social distancing.


Psst! WoW players have been doing this for quite some time. :joy:

But yeah these advances are quite cool. Things like facerig have pointed to having decent facial mapping on avatars.

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Fascinating progress!
I would just prefer that the company doing all this were not Facebook, who live from collecting and potentially selling even the tiniest tidbit of data. Having full mimics and gestics recorded in all VR social interactions and streaming all that to a data analytics platform who makes me agree to almost any imaginable use of that data as a precondition to use the service sounds scary to me.
Ok, that’s presumably the only reason Facebook is in the VR game in the first place…

Hope a don’t-track alternative comes up that e.g. is financed via a subscription model or something. (Along the mantra “if you are not the customers then you are the wares” - so better be the customer in that case :slight_smile: )


Valve’s GabeN mentioned that they are working on a brain computer interface and the technology for realizing a matrix like simulation is closer than we think. Dunno if that is just hype, might still be decades or even never.

Gabe Newell Talks Half-Life: Alyx & Valve's Past and (Unexpected) Future – IGN First - YouTube


Well that might be inline with Elon Musk’s neural implant interface.


GabeN doesn’t talk about what the interface will be like but if it requires an implant I’d guess the mass market appeal would be limited. But maybe in the future it will be like having a smartphone nowadays, which is almost mandatory.

I hope that Elon’s implants won’t have the tendency to involuntarily combust like many other products he is involved with.

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True. Now I do recall probably 10 years ago Tigerdirect did have a brain controller.

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That is probably also in line with Half-Life 3 release :wink:.


“On the one side, plopping the eyes out in order to be able to solder a chip to the nerves might be a little extreme. Bbbut, Halflife 3… Do it!”
People who already complain about Alyx being VR exclusive might not be fully convinced :stuck_out_tongue:

Will be interesting how such an interface would work physically.


Not very good at displaying emotions like how much the person smiles. Surely people would use this to look like someone else.

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That’s why they’ve already improved it to get those additional details. This was 8 months ago:


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