Facebook plans to migrate Oculus accounts to FB accounts in the future

Apparently the FB account will be mandatory for Oculus headsets in the future.

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I started with the Gear, then the Rift and now the Rift S. With all the updates breaking my games I ordered an 8K+ and received it in about 2 months. And now with FB (do not want or need) as soon as I can order and have a DMAS I will close my account.

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while support for existing stand-alone accounts will be retired entirely at the start of 2023.

Guess that gives us a few Years (which seems sufficient) to play with our Quest’s before either archiving them (attic/wall), selling them or modding them for other purposes… :slight_smile:

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Legacy OH users will have to have FB accounts by end of 2022. I’m thinking Pimax and Vorpx might have problems with Oculus games when this happens.
I won’t join FB for the 2 Oculus games I have actually bothered with lately. I will buy Lone Echo 2 though if it runs on Pimax as i’ll get a couple of years in before or if this change becomes a potential factor.


Yuck! Booo!

On the upside, we have until at least 2023, and that is if they actually disable existing accounts, which they might not.

…company is not threatening to immediately disconnect or disable non-Facebook users…

We will take steps to allow you to keep using content you have purchased

Workaround: don’t buy any more VR content from Oculus store. :wink:

At the end of the day though, companies wanting to get into the ‘social aspect of VR’ need to offer something like a VR MMO focused on player interaction. Until there is a deeper experience for VR, the various attempts to monetize the ‘social network’ aspect will remain weak and fragmentary, like Steam.


cameras around your head. Filming only to improve the user experience. Instgram has never been so easy. :rofl:

Screw Facebook for this. They promised this would never happen, but lying is just part of their business model…

And since the mandatory FB account crap starts in October for EVERYONE with new hardware, I guess a lot of tech enthusiasts will have to give the upcoming Quest 2 a hard pass.

There are so many unknowns to this, like what happens to your bought and paid for Oculus content if you refuse to get an account or get banned from FB for whatever reason. Also, FB wants to see outright govt issued ID if they doubt your account for whatever reason. And all that just so they can push their version of VRChat, it’s really that stupid.


Exactly that, the important part.

So far, this seems to he a completely negative push to get users on to their platform, lacking any incentive there might be if Facebook - or anyone else - actually invested in making deeper VR experiences.

It’s sad that any AAA games continue to be made exclusively for desktop at all by now.

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Frankly I wasn’t interested in it anyway unless it supported at least 2160v and KDE/Plasma (typical Linux Desktop Environment, applications, etc).

Well, FB and Apple will make VR mainstream, we will always be a niche of tech enthusiasts, quite a few of which won’t play along with their walled gardens.

Also, as you said, there is no incentive to join FB for Oculus account owners, you already need to link your Oc to FB for some of the social features, but it doesn’t seem to dawn on FB that VR can also be escapism, its whole point being NOT around the people from real life in your gaming life.

This is just very unnecessary.

I know a lot of people who are using FB daily (either the original FB, or FB owned services, e.g. FB messenger, or WhatsApp). It is interesting though how this set of people does not intersect at all with what I would imagine as “VR enthusiast”. My experience is however anecdotal to particular age group and place.

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My thoughts exactly. The normies don’t care and the enthusiasts despise this move, but nobody embraces it.

Maybe, if the sh*tstorm is big enough, FB will backpedal on this one at OC7. Maybe they are testing the waters.

I just hope GabeN ruins their day with another announcement.

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