Eyetracking is supposed to be FREE for backers!

It was a stretch goal. One of the reasons I even backed. Now you are going to charge us $199. This is not acceptable. Pimax needs to live up to its Kickstarter promise


I just hope I can use my 8k --> 5k+ $100 coupon and the $100 coupon we got for wireless to pay the $200 they want from backers.
I paid for the 10 meter cable so I can forego wireless, but eyetracking is a must for that sweet DFR function.

Honestly I didn’t care about Eyetracking and I still don’t.

What I do want to know is how well their foveated rendering using Eye tracking works.

Eye Tracking without that is just trash but If they are the first on the market to deliver foveated rendering eye tracking to consumers I’d pay that 200.


Yes agree with peteo.

So now they have to respect the kickstarter TOS:
‘Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill.’

I’ve also backed the Pimax for stretch goals. I can prove it, I waited and was on the last ones (<5000).

Shall we open a claim on kickstarter ?


Yes I think we need to


I’m surprised you guys don’t care about the quality of the eye tracking or the promise of dynamic foveated rendering.

I’m just skeptical in general about them being about to provide dynamic foveated rendering to games.

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Yes, but it’s suppose to be free. Fine if they want to “upgrade” it but it’s not my problem that it cost them more. Give me the free version


Yeah a lot of discounts and coupons for things we don’t need or aren’t available soon.

I honestly never expected them to ship eye tracking free, I know the technology is not cheap, the price they are asking is pretty modest. For most people this technology is not yet useful until appropriate middle-ware to map DX input is out.


So, I was also waiting for the free eye tracker.

But I am trying to be realistic, you can all shoot me down for it but when you see what they did with the eye tracker and the discount to backers, I think it makes sense.

The original stretch goal was a single eye and small fov.
It became much more than that, something we should all root for and nothing less. But life is life and the cost has risen substantially for that.
So we get a comparable discount as for when it was indeed that small single eye tracker fail unit.

Let’s be somewhat reasonable and understand this is technically and economically an ok offer.



So why they promised it for free ? as said, it was part of the KS deal.
Sorry but we have to fight a little bit more…

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Add eye tracking to your HTC Vive headset for $149

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As a backer, I backed the 8K originally and got the option to switch to 5K+. I was pretty ecstatic that PIMAX allowed us to do this. The headset came late but was free from defects and ran out of the box. I backed for base stations too and WOULD LIKE THESE but am in no rush, the headset’s gyro’s are pretty reasonable for cockpit sims.

I had issues with my cable, PIMAX sent me a new one. I know a few people have had problems but they are among the few. Some of us got better customer care than others sadly. For me personally I feel I got amazing value for money and will continue to support PIMAX because they are genuinely doing good things for consumer grade VR.


Its a combination of factors that make me feel bad about this eyetracking thing and not the only one promise to keep.

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Lucky you… My HMD is back to Pimax since a month… no news when I will receive a new one, after 3 cables exchanges. I have never been able to use it properly and now I am told that I won’t even have what I have been promised ??? So If I can get a refund, buy an Index and forget about Pimax, I think I will :rage:

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Technically they can offer $150 off coupon for the KS backers and close the loophole they created for KS backer claims.

Simple math here - $299 for the set, ~ $150 for a single unit. KS stretch goal is for 1 unit only (we can argue as much as we want here, but they never said dual units and the picture is for 1 unit only - so Pimax can technically get away with that).

As far as you can not use single unit, as a KS backer you should have an option to purchase second unit for $150 or have $150 coupon if you don’t want it.

Pimax should bite the bullet and offer these two options for KS backers, as we will probably bite the bullet for upgrading to 8KX without trade-in program offered.


Any word about how they want to compensate that we don’t get eyetracking for free as promised and violate KS rules?

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So Ben there are technical limitations of insulated copper wires, other headsets trying to push as much data down a cable are using optic input. The reason for this is electro-magnetic interference, the fact your headset cable needs to plug into a PC means the amount of noise is always going to be a problem. Your PSU’s transformer leaks a massive electromagnetic field. There are solutions, but again it’s expensive. You can purchase cable EMI shielding jackets which you can sleeve around your video input cable.

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@PimaxUSA @SweViver
First of all I really love my 5K+, driving my Sims with the wide FOV is really a game changer. I also was really patient for all the work that had to be done, to the software and the hardware adds. I understand it take some time and it’s hard work, close to never complained about a thing… but today I really feel fooled! The eye tracking module was promised to be free! We have got the stretch goal picture on KS to prove!

I‘m really thinking of even upgrade my 5K+ and this is not an ‚only-of-you-give-eyetracking-for-free‘ thing, I just want to state out, that I am a happy customer/backer and love your product (couldn‘t go back to 110 degrees FOV)…BUT in my opinion you have to comment on this topic and explain it!


I don’t think the KS picture was supposed to be accurate with respect to the trackers. You don’t use one unit by itself (unless you’re missing an eye) since it’d be pretty useless like that given the good number of people whose eyes don’t move exactly in tandem and for whom you couldn’t use the motion of one eye to determine where the other one is pointing.