Eyestrain. Help on which way to move sliders according to eyestran location? Bad memory, cant remember things

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Been at it for ages now but sadly i suffer from some memory issues that makes it very hard for me to remember which way i tune and such. I also have issues with one eye where its stretched 20% vertical or so due to scarring inside the eye so im unable to line things up just by looking. on my 5k+ it was just -0.5 to line the rocks up in pimax home and it was fine but ive been at it for ages on the 8kX and the rocks are perfectly level.

Basically what im asking is which way to move depending on where the strain is. Up down inner outer etc I would be most thankful if someonehad a good writeup on this as i just cant find it by experiment.


After i physically moved the right lens one gear tooth in it lines up with real life 99% Still i get a lot of strain under my right eye. The only place ive been able to find some relief is if have the lensen so close to my face its touching creating a smear fest and the lens distortion on the sides is quite bad as im now to close. I dont feel like the vertical offset really does anything and tbh i dont know which way to move it.

Its a real shame but at least that close i can use it, just not very long since its quite uncomfortable with some cloth as padding.

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I have given up. RIP 8kX


I have noticed that reprojection on some fovs can make my eyes feel weird but its game specific.

Ive found a setting i can live with but its pretty frustrating not being able to get it just right. Its half a notch to close or half a notch out but i can only do 0.1. My eyes adjust in game but then i spend half a day with eyestrain when i go out of VR

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You’re not alone in this, quite some users experience this. The next PE supposedly will have a tool to help solve eyestrain, hopefully it’s any good …


This is the reason why i needed to sell my pimax 8kx…

Well tbh i truly do hope so but i think the chances are very slim they can correct what seems to be a hardware issue with some magic guide. The only place i get some acceptable relief is if i remove all the foam and noseguard (not using that) and put my face basically inside the lenses with the weight resting on my nose. Everything in terms of placement of real life objects looks correct and so on and tuning ipd offset every which way does basically nothing so thats the only thing i can really do. Ive made a post on this eyestrain issue before but it got locked so i cant continue it there. There seem to be some extremely narrow range you have to be in on this HMD which wasnt there on the 5k+.

I suppose the only bonus i can get from this terrible location is that small fov looks massive and i can turn up ACC a fair bit on that. If i was only simracing i could kind of live with it but i fly in a f16 squadron too and i really need my nosegap (and less glare) to press things.

if you still have the 5k+, use the old mask on the 8kx. Works a little bit better for me than the Comfort Kit.

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Nope. i dont and ive asked pimax for it or if i could get a model for 3d printing but they couldnt fix either. Doubt it will fix it anyways, when i say inside the lenses i really do mean that my eyes are pretty much touching them and id have to shave my forehead and cut my eyebrows to avoid massive smears. Thanks for the suggestion anyways

I really do wonder why i dont get eyestrain when my face is touching the lenses and terrible eyestrain when im 5-10mm out when everything lines up. The area gets bigger so less chance for issues in close of course but why?

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