Eye tracking + unreal engine

Hey! I’m trying to integrate eye tracking into an unreal engine VR project. Is there an unreal engine plugin for this or that works with the droolon pi 1?


This seems to be what You’re looking for, right?


Get Stereo Gaze Data returns nothing.
The 7invensun site doesn’t really give me any data either - It has the SR_anipalInstaller just like htc/vive does, but even with them installed, steam VR doesn’t connect to eye tracking.


Maybe @SweViver or @arminelec can point You in the right direction? :wink:

I know nothing. I’m just Googling… :crazy_face:

I appreciate the help though =)

I’d quite like to get my pimax eye trackers working so I can build cool stuff!


You’re welcome! :wink:

Yeah, I’m really hoping lots of developers will feel the same as there’s lots of potential… :slight_smile:

I do have a game out that runs in the pimax, I just really want to add eye tracking to it; it’d be perfect!



ive tryed the vive unreal sdk… no luck. 4.25 or 4.26.
pimax needs its own sdk or maybe… just maybe open xr eyetracking will work. pimax needs to support the open xr yet though.
and yes… if unreal doesnt get a sdk, perhaps the unity peeps can help us hack it.

I can give you the email contact information of the technicians of 7invensun, and I hope I can help you.

thank you… non of their other emails seem to work :slight_smile:

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Just heard from 7 -


Sorry, there are still some problems with the Unreal plugin.

We will post to everyone when we are ready.

Thank you for waiting

They’ll update me this Friday

what did you mean exactly by ‘this friday’?

a long time ago. I will reach out to them again!

lol… yeah. they never responded to me…

I am testing the new sdk… it doesnt track for me.

Didnt come with instructions.

Start tracking node- doesnt seem to do anything
Get gaze node- nada
Open tracking library node- crash

I will try a few more things. My c++ is sheit though.

Warning… some sort of call home data collection runs with “start tracking”


What “sort of call home data collection”…?

  • Destination URL/IP?
  • Is it encrypted?
  • If not, just dump the traffic and see what it is

now its not doing it… spooky… could have just been some ue4 updater thing… i havent been able to get it to track… anyone else have a boo at it?

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Anybody try this out yet?

tbh I’ve not been able to get it to track consistently in their own calibration software. I’m not even going to think about implementing anything until that is sorted.

a newer version… as far as i can tell the blueprint functionality is still nada… im no c programmer.