Eye tracking question

I got a new eye-tracking and I clicked to start the service, it seems to start with no problem. My question is on the Pitool I see DFR = inactive, is this supposed to be like


You have to launch up a game which supports it, then DFR will turn active based on whatever setting you put it, long as it’s not “Close/Off”

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Do you know if MSFS2020 supports, and when you say setting close/off, what exactly are these settings? Thanks.

MSFS2020 will likely not benefit that much from it, if it even supports it I don’t know if it does. Think it’s openXR so don’t think so though? It’s a much more CPU bound game than GPU bound IIRC. And Foveated Rendering is about reducing GPU load.

The settings, under games, determine the status of the foveated rendering. Close turns it off, while the other three options determine how much of your vision has the foveated rendering applied. From applied the least to the most is conservative>>>balanaced>>>aggressive.

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Thanks so much; I guess MSFS doesn’t support it because I have it in balanced mode.

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