Eye Tracking Module - Can we use it in any sim racing/flight games yet?

Hey Guys - is it possible to use the eye tracking modules for any games yet? Specifically for sim racing/flight sims? Assuming it’s connected to a USB 3.0 port of course.

One more point: can we use Eye Tracking Module in pre-ordering? :slight_smile:

What do you mean by that?

I just want to pre-order eye tracker. This is the best that could be from this module functionality. :smiley:

Im probably going to sell my eye tracking module that came today. Shipping in the USA only though

If anyone’s interested, let me know.

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DFR works exactly has FFR, with just the full-rez area being moved dynamically instead of being at a fixed position.
So, it should work for every game where FFR worked, like PCars 2, etc.


FFR works in PC2…? Didn’t know that.

I think it was not working correctly just after FFR being released, but since then, it was fixed because last time I tested it I had an horrible experience with it (low-res + track-side fences = PS1 quality).
I will have to re-test it with eye-tracking to see if it is less distracting.

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Anything FFR works with, DFR will work with, with similar tradeoffs.

Racing sims, I doubt are as single-CPU bottlenecked. DFR should be useful with those if FFR works.

Flight sims, depends on what you are doing. CPU heavy maps with lots of objects in DCS World perform worse with any kind of FFR/DFR. Casual flights, older terrain, singleplayer, etc, should see a slight benefit from FFR/DFR.

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as pimax only has usb 2.0 in its headset (internal ports) it results in 30Hz for eye tracking - from what it looks like atm (i have it installed) way to slow for DFR
i will try to connect it to usb 3.0/3.1 to see if it will reach the promised 120Hz but with a 5k+ its kind of difficult as the upper usb port is used by the module and if connected to the side port (in addition to the default port) its not “switched” to the side usb port
edit: when connected to usb3 the 7vensum software recognizes 118Hz instead of 30Hz (usb2)


Pimax should offer a replacement cable with this second USB connection included so we don’t have to somehow attach two cables together and use the resulting mess in roomscale use cases…

Pimax never ceases to surprise me with the level of disconnect they can show. Such a small company, yet so little communication across teams, it seems.

If the G2 is anywhere near what we could read, I see myself take the hit to the FoV and dump my 8KX. It just want something which isn’t super high maintenance every single step along the way…


I hope they at least incorporate an extra USB 3 in their optical cable. There is no way I am adding an extra cable for the eyetracking module.
@mirage335 @PimaxUSA @PimaxQuorra .


I was thinking the exact same thing. I guess the data part of the USB3 connection(s) could still be handled by the optical part of the cable (plenty of bandwidth), and the only thing that has to be copper based is power, right?

I guess it comes down to some kind of controller/bridge in both ends of the cable (I haven’t researched on how this is normally done, but I guess that’s it)?


Once again an alpha-release of a product from pimax.

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to be fair we should all get spare cables anyway because of the snow problems

because , the customer wanted it as soon as possible and in no case will wait any minute longer


What optical cable? Where was this mentioned?

Also, there is little or no need for USB3 to use an optical cable. DisplayPort, HDMI, and similar, need optical cables because the one-way high frequency signal tends to degrade into ringing artifacts when electrical transmission line is less than absolutely perfect.

Pimax could combine USB3 electrical and DisplayPort fiber optic into a single cable, but you could do this yourself.

That said, I agree it would be convenient.

To be fair, it’s not really the eye-tracking module itself at fault here, but the headset and its USB 2 controller despite having USB-C connectors (meant for USB 3.x).

But I would argue that the eye-tracking still seems to have a major issue in FOV limitations. From what I read here and there on the forum, most people have around 115° of tracking after calibration. I’m not really playing with the large FOV due to distorsion (I will have to restest once I get the comfort kit), but the standard FOV is around 150° horizontally.

Kind of disappointing when we know that the switch from being offered as a stretch goal to having a discount was due to higer cost than expected mostly due to fitting the FOV of the headset.

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I am testing my recently installed eye tracker and it works perfectly in Alyx but it does not in iracing… It is a shame

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That sucks for sure. Let us know if it works in other sim racing titles like RaceRoom, ACC, etc
But so far in iRacing I havent fallen below 75hz which is amazing. I have yet to try IL-2 Sturmovik, ACC, Raceroom, and some other titles that i usually play.