Eye Tracker will be available to order any moment now

Just received an email from Pimax. There will be a purchase link for eye tracking module on the site later @ backer.pimaxvr.com. So keep an eye if you are backers.


Thanks for the heads up.

I wonder why I haven’t received such an email.

Also, how do we pay for the module once available? Is PayPal supported again? It wasn’t when I backer upgraded to my 8KX.

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No email for me yet either but could it be that they send backers first?

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I have received my email (KS backer 148) and I’m hoping they will also allow me to use the $70 rebate they owe me for the 10m DP cable I pledged for in the KS (but is now discontinued) as further discount to the eye-tracking purchase.

I’ve opened a support ticket… here’s hoping it gets answered in a timely fashion.


yeah I received the email also


I am a backer and have not received any emails about it.

Oh, I must have missed/forgotten this - when did they say that it is cancelled and they will credit/pay out the pledged amount for the cable ?

I think I saw another forum member mention it, but it is confirmed by @PimaxUSA’s post here: https://community.openmr.ai/t/pimax-now-tldr-summary-page-aftershow-q-a-summary/28863/108?u=daveboulden


I asked for a refund after I learned about the 10m cable cancellation. Got the option for a coupon and I accepted.
I recently checked the conversation and it was said these coupons could be stacked and put towards the eye tracker but on the forum Pimax said otherwise.

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So far, Pimax policy about coupon has been that it can be used for products made by Pimax itself, but not those made by partners, like the eye-tracking.

Maybe it has changed since then (it was a hot topic when 8K backers downgraded to 5K+ and got a 100$ coupon).

it hasn’t changed, coupons for pimax made stuff only.

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I would assume this is why @PimaxUSA stated there would be straight refunds for the cable. I simply thought deducting the $70 from my eye-tracking order would save them the hassle of the refund, but really don’t mind if they prefer the direct refund route as I’ll just use that money against my eye-tracking purchase.

What should not be acceptable is what seems to have happened to @Pimel. If a coupon is offered in lieu of a refund, it should be considered the same as actual money. @Pimel, if I were you, I’d raise the question with Pimax and reference post I linked above, as that clearly shows they have agreed on cash refunds for cable purchases.


The answer actually stated that I could use it for the eye tracker and if there would be a problem I could direct them to the ticket. So I intend to do this but I’m afraid my coupon will be declined when ordering the eye tracker and I need to create a ticket and then it will be too late when it’s resolved and I might have to wait much longer on the eye tracker delivery. But it is what it is.

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My mail says “(…) There will be a purchase link on the site later (…)”

I do not believe they ment something like “any moment now” as mentioned in the title of this thread, especially since I got the mail almost 10 hours ago.
No reason to be hyped :wink:

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“Later” usually is used if same day or not more than 1-2days in the UK. Don’t know other countries. Perhaps I am mistaken for what it means. But anyhow, just a heads up if you have not receive any email. :wink:

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“Later” with pimax is a much larger and undefined future. Don’t bother refreshing the store, it could be days or weeks still.


That’s what the team keeps telling us. No need to refresh the store, we’ll create a thread here with the info as soon as they tell us it’s up.


@PimaxUSA Will payment with PayPal be an option.

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I have paid the 8kX order with Paypal two days ago.
I have not seen any other payment way. I wished with credit card (without Paypal) but have not found the way to pay by CC only.

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“The team says the link itself is almost ready
so just monitor the forums and hopefully we’ll have the link up asap.”


That was three days ago. Hilarious.