Extreme shimmer flicker diagnose. Need comparison


Im wondering if someone could do me a huge favor and do some comparisons for me. I am trying to gather as much data on an issue that has plagues me twice and makes gaming quite unbearable.

All you need to do is look at this video of Pimax experience and tell me if you see the same amount of flicker. It was never like this before. If you can do a quick recording that would be fantastic too.


Here is a lot more data https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/275340-system-wide-broken-specific-aa-or-texture-rendering-in-relation-to-camera-angles/?tab=comments#comment-4704762

I also made another post on these forums but choose to make a new only for this comparison. Its not Pimax specific.

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I don’t know if it is the same issue but I have been getting screen tearing intermittently on my 8kx mostly near the nose on both screens. It is very annoying, happens even on the pimax experience screen I have also been experiencing a ghosting effect with bright objects/text when turning my head.

After rebooting it generally goes away, I have no idea what is causing it. Restarting service or exiting pitool and relaunching and rebooting hmd does not solve it.

Screen tearing is present on the latest pitool release and firmware release, I installed the latest nvidia drivers and reinstalled all pitool software.

Before reverting to the latest release I had the 90hz beta pitool and firmware installed which exhibited the same issues reverting did not resolve it.

I popped my OG vive to test and had no such issues.

I’m gonna try the vive pro with gear VR lens mod until pimax software is more mature, I like tinkering but I am getting sick of troubleshooting and loosing tracking too easily when adjusting the headset the view starts wobbling around before a black screen then stabilises like 5 to 10 seconds doesn’t reestablish tracking quickly pretty disorienting.

This does not sound like the same thing so please make a new topic

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