Extension DP Cable 10m. Pc in another room setup solution?

Hello, planing to do a setup for Pimax 5k+.
My pc is in another room and i need working and tested solution to get 10m Display port cable from my main PC to another room where Pimax 5k+ is located than connect 5m display port from Pimax 5k to the 10m Display port extention cable.

My old VIVE that i use now works perfectly with 10m active HDMI cable. I know hdmi will not work with Pimax, only display port.

Someone mention 5m display port extention will work just fine, but i need 10m DP extension. Please help me find working solution for this setup.

That is a clear no-go. DP has higher bandwith than hdmi and with high bandwith comes by definition shorter maximum length before you reach the point where the signal can no longer be guaranteed.

for DP you’re looking at like a 5m maximum in total for GOOD QUALITY CABLES. For standard quality do not be suprised if you start loosing signal above as little as 3m.

My advice is to rework your plan into something possible. Change your entire space setup so that pc and play area are as close together as possible. Rework your room if needed or move to another location completely even.

I have clearly stated in my post above that i know HDMI will not work with Pimax. There is no need to repeat that.
There are some DP signal booster that in theory should work with 10m DP, but i need to know if someone has tested signal booster with Pimax without any issues.

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Please have some coffee and re-read my reply after you wake up. Nowhere but absolutely no-where did I ever repeat your statement about HDMI.

none of the Cables i tested worked at 10m… guess we have to wait till the 10m Cable from Pimax comes…

We’d still end up with a maximum of 10m, right?

It’s not a 10m extension cable, but a 10 meter replacement cable (to replace the 5m cable) AFAIK.

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5m DP from Delok works… so, plus 5 m extra from Pimax… will be enough^^

hmm, and from the Picture i could be both.

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I would need 15m cable. 10m extension + 5m default that comes with Pimax.

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