Extending Pimax 8K by 10 meters?

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With the Pimax 8K hopefully arriving in the next few months (backer ID in the high 4000s), I have started to look at extending Pimax to other room by 10 meter just as I currently have with my Vive.
However it seems that I cannot find any reasonably priced DisplayPort 1.4 10 meter cable (HBR3 cable), do you know of anything that is hopefully under 100€ and available in Europe?
Or perhaps 5m + repeater + 5m just as I have extended HDMI for Vive?

This guy had a few, but not 10m…

Fourth post in…


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No way you are getting DP 1.4 that far on a passive cable. You need an “Active” cable that uses fiber optics for such a long cable. Such as: