Experience with Pimax 4k

Hello Pimax.
I received Pimax headset. actually it isn’t cheap 400$ item but it has a very good reviews and support.

My first impression after unpack it was, how it works after plug it to the PC without software?
So, i’ll make it as second display without driver or software:
So, I did that and I was very very disappointed.
firstly it didn’t display as dual display for pair of eyes. instead, its split the single display in half to each LCD.
secondly, it display tilted 90 degree. it looks like any Android phone display in portrait mode and you put it in VR box So, everything tilted in 90 degree.
That is not logic for VR headset for PC. about me, it is very bad as hardware translation for VR headset for PC. I hope there is Firmware update to fix this issue to display stereo and landscape mode.

Another experience is with the software.
So, I thought that everything will be fix after installing the software.
Well, not what I thought. it provides 2 modes only…
Pimax mode which, play 360, 3d movies. steam vr and octulus .
Video mode. which, play video in stereo display.
both deal with Pimax headset as separate video player only.

the bad thing that. in pimax mode there is no file browser that I can browse my videos through the headset display. after finish watching 360 movie and watch the next one, I have to take out the VR headset and choose another movie and insert the headset… Or see the main PC display through my nose , which is insane.
VR headset should not deal as headphone headset. VR is second display. our eyes can’t see beyond the VR as our ears.

Finally. Pimax acclaimed it supports 4k resolution and compare with other VR headset that they support up to 1440p. well, my Pimax 4k supports max resolution of 1440p, that is misleading advertisement. and even the single LCD of the VR is not high Pixel density. I can see the LCD pixels very clearly So, looks like the Pimax LCD has less than 1080p pixels. I have 5.5 inch 1080p smartphone and I use 2x magnifier . it is very hard to see pixels on the 1080p 5.5 inch LCD unless use 8x magnifier.

My overall experience with Pimax for this price is fair. I hope there is some issue that it can be fixed.

At 5.7 inches 2k smartphone displays very clearly visible pixels and pixel grid! About Fullhd it is better to keep silent about the pixels and the grid in comparison with the piMAX.
There is no grid on the pythaxy, but you can see tiny pixels in light tones.

Maybe you should sort it out before writing? Comrades developers have provided by default free programs and are far from perfect. There is a program Virtual Desktop. It can be used to view 3D movies, watch 360 videos and display the desktop. There are a lot of usability in this program but it is paid.
At the moment this is the best such program.

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Well. That’s why it is hard to read tiny texts using Pimax VR due it has dual low resolution LCDs. Same as reading tiny texts using projectors due same situation.

I can use Piplay to play 360 videos and see my main display through my nose. However. I use gom player, another free program, to play 360 videos but I can’t play it with the Pimax headset. So, Pimax is not very flexible with another softwares.

“Well. That’s why it is hard to read tiny texts using Pimax VR due it has dual low resolution LCDs. Same as reading tiny texts using projectors due same situation.”

You definitely need to do some research.

  1. PiMax 4k uses 1 UHD (4K) Panel that accepts FHD & QHD signal upscaled to 4k.

  2. if your having trouble reading txt; then your ipd is probably not set correctly. This headset currently offers the highest resolution on a Consumer vr hmd.

If your using latest piplay beta 1.2.75 switch to video mode. Then load your player & drag it to the right or use win shift right arrow.

Or simply install steamvr & run any number of free players like vive video.

Well, there is no specifications about Pimax 4k from official website. It has a display controller that support up to 4k . But the two LCDs equipped in Pimax are not true full HD. That’s my complain :slight_smile:
I don’t have problem with video mode. I have with Pimax mode.


The PiMax 4k has a single uhd display 3840x2160 overall. Sure it currently accepts FHD (1080p) & QHD (1440p) then interpolates to UHD (2160p).

Which then becomes 1920x2160 per eye. Which is higher than fhd 1920x1080.

The resolution per eye is considerably higher than Vive/Oculus/LG Steamvr & Razer OSVR headsets.

The LG Steamvr not out yet but reports its an upgraded vive with higher resolution (still less than PiMax 4k) & better ps like head mount. No projected price yet. Though with PiMax 8k hmd being developed uses dual UHD screens to give 200° Fov both using Laser Pos tracking with vive like controllers.