Experience with Aliexpress pimax sellers, good sellers?

Dear Community,

how is you experience with aliexpress pimax sellers?

I want to buy a replacement cable for my Pimax Headset.
Of course it would be more obvious to buy it from pimax themselves, but I do read to often from waiting time of months for this “accessories” orders.

Is the seller “pimax distribution store” any good (payment with paypal is possible)?

For any recommendations I would be very thankfull!


@Ludiks and @16BIT have bought from AliExpress.

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Indeed I do, but they may have changed recently, since they are stopping selling Pimax stuff as soon as their stock run off, one of the vendor told me.
A few months ago someone else was replying to the messages and she was instant replying, now it is somehow different…

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There’s another thread here where an AliExpress seller is refusing warranty (or just not responding at all to messages) and Pimax are saying they won’t fix it either, only the reseller can

From what I know and I’ve been told, they had a deal with Pimax, selling hmd and Pimax take care of the customer services, this worked for a while then Pimax changed mind, seller got tired and did not want to sell Pimax stuff anymore (Or Pimax no longer want also because Pimax have a official store on AliExpress now, something like that) because too much troubles if now Pimax dont want to take care of customer service.
Now, once the they sold everything they have, they will no longer sell Pimax stuff.

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I have ordered several face masks without problems and from a good quality. The last one was made of pu perforated leather and is great!

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Thank guys for all you replys. I will now order a replacement cable from this seller.
It is vial Paypal, so is safe. But from you experience it should work without any big issues.

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