Exclusive Pimax Software Internal Tester Group

Good Day,

Subject : Exclusive Pimax Software Internal Tester Group

We previously announced that we are working on new software. I’m overjoyed that we’ve made such good progress. We are thrilled to offer you the opportunity to be one of the first people to experience and give feedback on our software.

How to sign up:

Commend below with your Pimax’s experience, system setup and state your reasons and advantages for participating.
Registration ends at 20th December 2021

Our team will review your applications and pick 20 members for this.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach us!
@PimaxQuorra @PimaxUSA @hammerhead_gal @SweViver

Your Pimax Team.


I have had the 5k+ black and blue housing, Artisan, XR model, 8k+, 5k Super, and 8kx
I have done massive amount of testing to try and find the root causes of the blackouts that have happened to me previously… Also the hinges of the MAS, among many other tests ive done in the past :wink:
I currently upgraded my PC to a 12900k, 3090, 32gb ddr5, m.2 nvme
Also, I have a Motion Simulator for Flight and sim racing.


Not going to write too much, you know who I am and how im willing to test :slight_smile:
Sign me up !

Pimax 8KX with Original cable
Pimax 5K+

GFX - RTX3090


Wouldn’t mind testing new software. But it would be best to first release a fix for 273 and the broken firmware it pushes. Or just pull/remove 273 and those firmwares so new owners are not having the headsets brick.

Leaving it in play knowing it is broken for over a month is ridiculous and not a good impression for new first time customers.


I am willing to test my 8KX using both the original USB cable and the fiber optic cable.
I can also conduct tests on a laptop.
So far, my experience with the software and firmware has been a stumbling block. Black screens, flickers, a failed DisplayPort connection, and snow are among the issues. When it does work, it truly provides the best VR experience a headset can offer.
Because I have experience in playtesting and software review, I will provide detailed feedback and tips.
Anyway, I hope I can assist in getting this software to all Pimax users as soon as possible.

RTX 2060 GPU (Works Surprisingly Smooth on Native and Upscaling)


Same as @MrAhlefeld including headsets, cable and actual specific brand and model of GPU (Inno3D 3090 Frostbite)… :rofl:


I would love to be one of the experimenters 2080 ti Pimax 8kx , optic cable ,i7


Sign me up

Pimax 8kx
Pimax 5k xr
Eyetracking, Handtracking

Strix: RTX 3090
AMD 5800X

I tested it all out, Settings as well as FW´s and can recover myself the HMD´s FW


I’d like to be included if possible.

I’ve been commenting here for a long time, and know the 8KX and Pimax software/hardware foibles like the back of my hand. You can consider me a Pimaxian, haha.

I’m a chartered marketer, a marketing director, and a graphic designer.

System is: 8KX, i7 8700K @ 5ghz, water cooled Asus Rog Strix OC RTX 3090, 32GB Ram.


Sign me up if you need a worst case tester for 8KX 90Hz mode, since no fw has ever made it stable for me. I have used VR for gaming since Oculus DK1/CV1

8KX with optical cable & old kickstarter 8K with original cable
Asus TUF Gaming OC 3090
Gigabyte x570 Aorus Master (usb port worst case scenario) + 3900X
2 base stations 2.0 (can install a third for testing)

Games: Elite Dangerous, Beat Saber, Half-Life Alyx, No Man’s Sky


Pimax 8KX + Eye Tracking + Hand Tracking + Optical Cable.
PC = Asus Rampage Extreme Encore + Intel i9 10980XE @ 4.7
EVGA 3090 FTW3 Hybrid.
64 gig dd4 4,000
2 M.2
Pick me, because I deserve.:grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have lots of experience with beta testing in flight sims, and I’m quite familiar now with the Pimax 8kx. I posted a ‘how to set up the 8KX’ video on my YouTube channel. It can be found here: Setting your Pimax 8kx up for Steam Gaming - YouTube
My channel is pretty much exclusively devoted to VR flight sim and the Pimax 8kx.
I’d enjoy testing new software that enhances the Pimax VR environs.
I’m also a pretty clear writer, and able to organize ideas and topics into a logical and readable format. (I have a master’s degree in Curriculum development and a B.Ed, along with years of experience teaching ELA, History, and creative writing.)
My system is an Intel 9900 with 32 gigs of ram, with an Nvidia 3090 video card and the Pimax 8kx with DMAS.


I have the 5k+, 8kx eye tracker and hand tracker.

I also was part of the first PE inside group and nade many valuable suggestions that were implemented.

I also have many insights into UI design and am a professional front-end developer and c# programmer.

I have also contributed code in the past to help sweviver when they were implementing Viveport integration.

I think I would be a good tester to help find potential UI issues and features


Hi Pimax team,

I have a black P2 5k+
Amd Ryzen 9 5950+
Asrock Taichi X570 Razor Edition
Corsair Dominator 64GB DDR4 3200
Zotac Arctistorm 2080TI
Samsung 980PRO 1TB m2, 970EVO 512MB m2, intel 7600P 1TB m2.
I’m eager to test, please sign me up :slight_smile:


Pimax 8kx, RTX 3090, i9-11000, 64gb mem. Eye and Hand tracking, 2xbase sta ver2 2x index controllers.
Sign me up please.


Pimax 8KX (Kickstarter backer #28xx)
Eye tracker module
Optical cable
2x lighthouses 1.0
Valve Index controllers
Thrustmaster T.16000 HOTAS
Zotac Trinity RTX3090

Please pick me!!!


I would like to test as well.
one of my systems is: AMD 5950X ASRock X570 Gaming ,
RAM 128GB, Zotac 3090,
NVME: Corsair Force MP600

Have 8KX “with the jitter”, and optical cable, a 5K, . Knuckles, Wands, Lighthouses 2.0
play HLAlyx, Aircar, different VR Players for 3D movies.
Do You have a test suite for certain cases? Test Scenarios? What do You expect we should test, beyond just run our own setup?


Please DO NOT pick me, due to the reasons @Heliosurge mentioned.


Pimax 5K+, XR, Artisan, 8KX
Eyetrecking and Handtracking
Strix 3090

Sign me up please.