Evolution of VR headset panel resolution

Evolution of consumer VR headset panel resolution (2012-2020 onwards).

*Enterprise headsets not included.
*8K-X was said to reach 80hz in testing at CES 2020 but this was never repeated or advertised.

Consumer VR headset resolutions over the years

Pimax 8K-X: 3840 x 2160 per eye. 75 Hz.(80?).
Pimax 8K+:3840 x 2160 per eye (Up S) 90/110.
Pimax 8K:3840 x 2160 per eye (Up S) 80hz.
HP Rev G2: 2160x2160 per eye. 90 Hz.
Valve Index:2880x1600 per eye. 80/90/120/144.
Pimax 5K Super:2560x1440 per eye.160/180 Hz.
Pimax 5K+: 2560x1440 per eye. 90/120/144 Hz.
Pimax 5K: 2560x1440 per eye. 90 Hz.
Pimax XR OLED: 2560x1440 per eye. 85 Hz.
StarVR: 1830x1464 per eye. 90 Hz.
Pimax Artisan: 1700x1440 per eye.72 Hz/90/120
Pimax 4K: 1280x1440-1980x2160 (Up S) 60hz.
Vive Cosmos: 1700x1440 per eye. 90 Hz.
Oculus Quest: 1440x1600 per eye. 72 Hz.
Odessy Plus: 1440x1600 per eye. 90 Hz.
Vive Pro: 1400x1600 per eye. 90 Hz.
Rift S: 1280x1440 per eye. 80 Hz.
Sam Gear VR: 1280x1440 per eye. 60 Hz.
HTC Vive: 1080x1200 per eye. 90 Hz.
Playstation VR: 1080x960 per eye. 120 Hz.
Rift: 1280x800 per eye. 90 Hz.

Up S = Upscaled screen resolution.


The Pimax 4k like samsung gearvr had 1280×1440 per Eye at 60hz upscaled to 1980×2160 per eye


Thanks, you certainly know your electronics. :slight_smile:

I just did this for a bit of fun. Looking at the resolution jump, it’s actually not that great over an 8 year periodand it’s only Pimax in the last few years, consistently pushing higher.

This is why I backed them to hopefully encourage other headset manufacturers to increase also. Luckily Valve and HP turned up to pressure Oculus somewhat.


Indeed well tbh there is far too many headsets that could be added to the list. But yeah the bumps have been painfully slow with VR.

I’ll say! Years ago someone I knew bought one of the very first “high-res” consumer VR headsets. (I don’t remember the brand.) This was in the '90s. It was 640x480. I think it was 16-bit color. The only game he could play on it was Quake 1.

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Maybe one more to keep an eye on. Time stamped.


please include oculus dev kit 1 and 2 . and would be nice to see the vr headset from 1980 :smiley: interms of resolution and hz .


I’d like one of these

His voice is so hypnotic lol


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