Everspace game review

Not affiliated in any way to this game devs.

Just a review on this game, really good graphics, cool gameplay, single player, rogue like, faster action than in ED. Hop in, explore, fight, craft, rinse repeat!

Large Fov is ok with pitool.
Unfortunately VR hud markers are broken using 5K+. Working well on OG Vive though.

Can someone in Pimax dev can look into what is the issue in the VR HUD in this game?

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played a lot in this rogulike also couple hours in Pimax 5k at normal fov with xbox pad didnt notice any hud problem , can you past photo through the lenses ?

Was on large Fov, will try again in normal fov

hud seemed fine to me as well

Hi all,

I just bought Everspace and was trying it in VR with my Pimax 5K XR but I also have the issues with the HUD markers. I tried multiple different settings but none was working for me. So maybe someone with working HUD can tell me their settings? Or ir there is something else I need to do (launch through Pitool etc)? Thanks!

Currently I am using Pitool V1.0.2.084

it solved itself for me by restarting computer

That may suggest RAM or VRAM corruption. If you are overclocking things, or your computer may not be adequately cooled, consider this.