Even with RTX 2080, everything seems blurry and just like on Rift/Vive Resolutions (unreadable and blurry) (I'm getting angry, dissapointed already...)

Ok so i have a 5k+ and also i got today the RTX 2080, the MSI DUKE. Got it installed, all good and stuff, ran some games, and no freaking clarity at all, everything seems blurry and no antialiasing and i did played a lot with pitool rendering si steamvr rendering, restarted the steamvr and i cant see a god damn visual change in a better way.

Everything seems to sucks. Why in the hell? What am i doing wrong?

CPU: i7 4790k 4.4ghz
Ram: 32gb ddr3
Gpu: MSI RTX 2080 Duke

Even in Bigscreen or Virtual Desktop seems blurry and not readable at all, and yes i know my exact IPD and set it, went forward and backwards so many times. Everything somehow seems on pair with Vive/Rift original resolutions and a bit worse a may say sometimes, nothing work…arghh so angry.

I’m getting super dissapointed right now…

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it must be settings in steam vr and pitool because appearing worse than og vive does not make a lick of sense. contact support i would say.


Tell me your settings please. Why would i contact support? There was some here stating that for the first time he could read the time clock from the right so easy in bigscreen or something and virtual desktop being so crisp and every game and stuff. For me its the freaking opposite. Come on …wth…

apologies man, i dont have mine yet. just going by general consensus on quality being way better than og vive.

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Looking forward to receiving my HMD some time this freaking year to experience something…anything…with the 5K+

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Lemme tell you, it sucks, idk who said its so clear and crisp, seems worse than everything i have experienced so far, and i have a god damn rtx 2080, and i played a lot with pitool and steamvr rendering…

Do you have in pitool FOV set to large? On large its buggy, parallel projections enabled it will stay blurry.


What’s your headset, 5K+ or 8K??

Also, go back to basics, Set PiTools to rednder quality of 1, then start steam and start SteamVR. Set SteamVR render to 100%

Have a look through your HMD at SteamVR Home, experiment with vertical placement of your HMD until you can see the text on the SteamVR Home boards clearly.

Playing with SteamVR render % settings is a mixed bag cause some render resolutions are going to lok like crap though the Pimax Headset, it is the nature of resolution scaling when you use a resolution that is not a binary factor (2x) of the native resolution of the panels being used in the headset.

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Tried small, normal, large and even with the god damn proiections off. Same…

Same thing happened to me. I’ve been spending a few days trying to make it right. Not sure what the problem is but I’m making some progress. I also have dead pixels, light bleed, and rendering different images in each eye (with PP turned on). Take a look at @Yata_PL post Make Elite Dangerous Dark Again. He has some great settings on his 1080ti but I can’t make them work correctly with my 2080. Considering the issues I have with my HMD, I just wonder if I have a bad unit in general.

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Its the 5k+ and did that already…

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Why would i bother with that game? Don’t you get that every game is shmmering, unreadable and blurry just like on the freaking Vive and Rift… arghhhhhh

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Please post your settings in pitool and steamVR. Go to “Video” in steamVR and set renderresolution from automatic to custom and set it to 100%.

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It is on custom and tried with 100%, 200%, 150% and many many options, also i played a lot with pitool rendering and never forgot to rr the steamvr after.

I’m not a begginer or something.

It’s such a great game I assume everyone plays it. If you don’t, you’re missing out. :sunglasses::metal:


I can guarantee that pimax sweet spot is much bigger then vives, the reason is simple - lenses. No chance that vive will provide better readability, as it not only has less sweet spot, but also bigger pixel grip (sde).
Comparing to oculus - they should look similar, with a difference that pimax has much bigger fov than oculus.

Aliacing is better to fix with ingame AA.

Resolution should be improved with 1.5 piplay supersampling. Steamsupersampling i would let at 60%.

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OK how do i explain…its shimmering, lets say in Bigscreen, even from a relative closed distance, is totally unreadable, everything is not CRISP and awesome as others said… its exactly like how it is on Vive/Rift where everything from the screen is shimmering, unreadable and so on.

shimmering like the forest?

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Let me know if you find a fix. Do you have openvr advanced settings?

Yes, why? Fix, come on, im raging a lot right now and if i dont find a solution in the upcomming days…arghh