Euro Truck Simulator 2

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Yeah, already found so on Reddit as well.

Man, awesome!! :open_mouth:
I just did a 20 minute drive in ATS from Everett to Bellingham - and that OpenXR hack is an absolute game changer!!
Driving never ever felt so smooth and fluent as it did now. Even in towns, no more stutter or jagging any more. => Almost stable 75 FPS.


Absolutely unbelievable what SteamVR / OpenVR is waisting performance in terms of FPS.

I played with fholger’s openfsr-mod in the recent months, which already gave me a significant boost @FSR with render scale 0,8 - but it still needed SteamVR in background.

Now, with OpenXR, native settings with normal FOV - and I get stable 75… :open_mouth: - really, I still can’t believe it for the moment :smiley:

But I admit, I got used to some additional image sharpening due to fholger already - so I’ll give OpenXR another try with NIS/FSR later that day.
And perhaps, I even will be able to increase either FOV to “large”, or Hz from 75 to 90.

Which settings are you using?

  • FOV
  • Hz
  • NIS sharpening amount

Anyway, thanks already very very much for this hint and topic :slight_smile:

In my experience, the way ETS2 determines resolution on OpenXR seems to be different compared to other titles.
Values above Pitool RenderQuality 1.0 seem to be ignored and usually supersampling is disabled; ETS2 treats both RQ 1.0 and 2.0 the same way. There is no change in performance. In any case I set 2.0 for all titles.

PiTool: native, LargeFOV, FFR OFF, 90Hz, RQ2.0, PP ON
Graphics: 100% ,ALL MAX, AA OFF, occlusion OFF
OpenXR: NIS 100%(4874x3160), Sharp30%, WorldScale200%.

I am getting good frame rates and quality, although I do see aliasing in the distant background.
Oversampling such as NIS 110% may help, but I have no proof yet.

Did some further trials with ATS, with a little sobering effect.

First, LargeFOV & 90 Hz, FSR with Sharp10%
=> FPS dropped significantly down to “unplayable” 40-50/55 FPS in town (Bellingham).
Unplayable less in terms of FPS - normally, I should be used to play with such low FPS for years :joy: - but the image seemed to be a bit more blurry compared to my first trial this morning.

Second, LargeFOV & 75 Hz, FSR with Sharp20%
=> Still FPS in the same area, 40-50/55, not really an improvement noticeable. Image quality got a bit better.

Last, back to NormalFOV & 75 Hz, FSR with Sharp20%
=> Close to my first experiences this morning, 70-75 FPS, with a couple of drops down to 60/65

What made the whole thing a little bit sobering, is that I turned on FPS display and finally noticed directly the large impact of headlights on FPS: It was dawn, so had to turn on headlights
=> w/o headlights: 65-75 FPS
=> with headlights on: 45/50-65 FPS, even on plain highway.

Didn’t know so far, how large this impact was… holy moly… :open_mouth:

Seems, as if I still have to tweak around with it / might even be, the implemented FSR/sharpening mode make things worse…? … although I made very good experiences with fholgers FSR mod in ATS/ETS2.

If you’re playing with the settings you posted above
=> what are your FPS…? Are you getting stable >75-90 FPS with it?
What’s your CPU, GPU and RAM? :slight_smile:

And what does WorldScale do?

The frame rate on OpenXR is 90FPS (Limit) in the main menu and 50FPS in the drive perspective.
But I feel that it is perfectly smooth to play.
It feels as smooth as if reprojection is enabled.(Reprojection should not exist.)

I realize that my NIS 100% (4874x3160) setting is too high resolution compared to other games.
But I am not experiencing critical delays or stuttering. :thinking:

The one that comes to mind for me is Virtual Reality Pre Rendered Frames on the nvidia control panel.
I have it set to 2 because ETS2 is not an intense action game.

Others include hardware GPU scaling off.
I have not fully identified the cause.

The long drive to Spain-Italy was pleasant and I am fully satisfied with the quality.
I also did not complain at night when I needed lights. The lights are always on.

NormalFOV is a good choice because the resolution increases rapidly when using parallel projection.

corei7 12700k,RTX3090,DDR4-3200 64GB Windows11

Worldscale literally scales the size of the space.
It will have no bearing on performance.

To confirm the puzzling results, I have just tried again to drive between Germany and the Netherlands.

It was 75 FPS (65-80) in the city and 85 FPS (80-90) on country roads.
I think this is the correct frame rate as it almost matches what I was experiencing.

Okay, so your PC is a bit more performant than mine: 5600X & RTX 3080 10GB, 32GB RAM

I made a longer drive from Seattle to Grangeville now - and probably it is, because I never had almost stable 75 FPS before ever - but the FPS drop when switching on headlights, is remarkable. I feel it instantly, and I get “confirmation” by MSI Afterburner:

It stays playable, of course; I’ve played so and worse for the last years :wink: and was defending this always :joy:
And I get back used to it after half a minute - but holy moly - I never thought having stable 75 FPS makes such a large difference.

Anyway, it is far better with OpenXR now than with SteamVR before, and there is some room for fiddling around with the settings. Perhaps, reducing FSR quality from 100% to 90% probably won’t make any larger, noticeable difference in image quality, but perhaps in terms of FPS. On the other side, it also could be some kind of engine limitation.

Somewhen in Autumn / before X-mas, new GPU’s will be coming out… so…

As we say in German: “The better one is the good one’s enemy” :wink:

Could you perhaps upload a similar FPS graph from one of your next sessions, please? :slight_smile: Would be nice to see the comparison directly.

Did you use anything in the OpenXR and PimaxXR companions? Changed any settings there, etc.?

I installed MSI AfterBurner and tried to configure it. It will take some time to investigate, as the item regarding frame rate does not appear.

Curiously, it consistently dropped to 50 FPS in today’s play.
90 FPS on the menu and 50 FPS on the drive.
Smoothness felt the same as yesterday.

The monitor is set at 60Hz, VR at 90Hz, which I began to suspect was affecting the measured results.
I don’t know what is happening but will observe for a while.

I did a longer session in Montana yesterday. During daytime, it was generally ok and close to stable 75 FPS, but more drops in cities and settlements as two three days ago in Washington and Idaho.
Plus the known drops as soon as I switch on headlights.

So once again, with Montana as with Wyoming, Spain or Austria Rework, the new DLC/maps are more demanding than the old ones. I think, if I would have been in Oregon, Washington, Nevada or Arizona, NM perhaps as well, I would have had 99,99% stable 75 FPS, except at night. So, it’s still a bit of a race, we and VR performance against SCS and graphics improvements :smiley:

Concerning OpenXR, two general questions:

  1. Do you know where the settings are saved? Would be nice if I could copy my OpenXR/Composite settings from ATS directly via file to ETS2.

  2. What are the “Companions” - OpenXR and PimaxXR - needed for?

I did some further trials with ATS @OpenXR:

SS ~110% (4.000 x 3.333)
FSR 85% (3400 x 2.834)
Sharpening 70%

FFR custom

  • inner ring 70%: 1x
  • middle ring 85%: 1/2
  • outer ring: 1/16

As you can see from the graphs, it is very well playable on the “old” maps, even with lights on => no difference, almost stable 75 FPS.

As soon as I get to reworked areas such as the route from Truckee just before Stockton, at least headlights have a more or less significant impact down to ~45-50 FPS at worse. Delivery in old Stockton itself was a bit stuttering as well, but not as bad as passing by Sacramento.

In total, I think those settings are playable very well - although I have to double check as soon as getting back to newer map DLC’s such as CO, ID, WY or MT…