Euro Truck Simulator 2 on Pimax 5k+

SO has anyone managed to play ETS2 on Pimax Headsets without mirroring of objects (especially road signs) and a decent readability?

Im currently playing on large FOV, 90Hz and 1.0 SS in Pitool, disabled all SS and reprojection in SteamVR and set r_manual_stereo_buffer_scale “1.8” in ETS2 config file. FPS are smooth, graphics look great and flickering of powerlines and other thin objects is acceptable with this settings on a 2080Ti OC.

I tried playing with SS and FOV (small - medium - large), turned on and off Smart Smoothing but no setting i tried removed the mirroring effect of close distance objects so far.


Hello, I am using Pimax 8K +. I couldn’t run ETS 2. Images look double. I would be glad if you help what settings I need to make.

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Have you tried with Parallel Projections on?

this setting on pi tool?

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Yes it helps to eliminate double images in programs that are not optimized for canted displays. But does cost some performance.

pimax compatible with parallel projections

Shall I remove the check mark in this box?

If it’s checked it’s active. The chevron should be blinking.

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