EU & UK: 8K X / 5K Super / SMAS / 4.5M DP cable / 1.0 BS / Knuckles

Got quite a bit for sale. Recently upgraded to the 8K X but ended up winning multiple ebay auctions etc and long story short: Bought more than I intended.

8K X: 650 euro + shipping

Comes with the standard 4.5m cable and the SMAS. Model is the 2075 version. Add 50 euro for the VR ears with the 3d printed adapters.

5K Super: 400 euro

Comes with the standard 4.5m cable and the SMAS.

4.5m Display Port Cable: 50 euro

The standard cable that is usb powered. Brand new essentially, just tested it to see if it works.

1.0 Base station: 80 euro each or 140 for both. Includes shipping.

Both come with power supply and mounting bracket. Perfect working order.

Index Knuckles: 180 euro

Works perfect. Older model though, so the left thumbstick is a bit stick to click down while fully tilted up. Just mentioning for full transparency, that was a design flaw in the original release. Working perfect otherwise.

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whats the shipping cost ? (GER)

For the headsets I should be able to get like 15 to 30, but for easiness let’s just say 15 euro for the headset postage.

ah i should have be more precise , i would me interested in a basestation, its just to got one here,in chase ine jumps off someday, mine are from the vive one , still running :sweat_smile:

Cheapest shipping I can see is 18 euro, so I could do 1 basestation + postage for 90 euro, if that suits you? Thanks.

It does ! :slight_smile:

Let’s PM about it, thanks!

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