Epic Roller Coasters In A New Oculus Quest 2 + The Yaw VR Motion Simulator = AMAZING!

So I recently received both the new Oculus Quest 2 and a YAW VR personal motion simulator here at the studio and I was pleasantly surprised to find out the the Game Epic Rollercoasters had native YAW VR support. Obviously after Discovering this was possible I decided I would try it and WOW… This was an amazing experience… Actually feeling simulated G’s made everything as close to real in VR as I have ever gotten!

This is not a review of the new Quest 2 headset… That will be coming soon so please don’t expect a lot of talk about it just yet… This is more just to show that the YAW simulator can work with the Quest / Quest 2 wirelessly and I have to say it worked very well!

If you are interested in More information about the YAW Simulator or the Oculus Quest 2 you can find it at the links provided below:

Oculus Quest 2:

YAW VR Personal motion Simulator:


Dude YAW VR + Squadrons how has this not happened yet?


Gonna post it in a real post here in the forum in a minute but it happened last night… here’s a sneak peak! [;]-) Star Wars: Squadrons First Impressions In The Pimax 8KX + YAW VR Motion Simulator Live! - YouTube

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so would you say it finally justified the YawVr purchase for you?

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Well I did not purchase the Yaw… It was provided to me by the company in exchange for some video work I will be doing for them. But now that I have experienced it and if I had the cash I can say that I definitely would have! This little bowl on wheels has been one of the most fun and immersive things I have done in VR in years… Coupled with the 8KX I can actually lose myself playing VR games again. As someone who plays pretty much every major VR game week after week for the past 6 years evaluating them for review material, the ability for me to really get into it and feel deep presence is very rare these days… but for now the Yaw can take me back there again and for me that is GOLD! []-)

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man Until Dawn Rush of Blood would be so amazing in that. Wish it would come to pc.

edit: even if it did i doubt it would have the telemetry needed.

Also do you have a haptic vest for star wars like a woojer vest? I assume that the Yaw VR has some buttkicker style functionality?

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The YawVR has vibration, I have 3 buttkickers and I have not installed them yet, the vibration is good enough, maybe I’ll make a wood base and I’ll incorporate them, but for now it’s pretty good.

I use the Woojer vest with some games like squadrons and it works very well.

The main problem of this simulator is some materials are not good enough if you want to attach wheel, pedals and hotas. It was not design with all that in mind.

It works very well out of the box, but if you want to use all that extra hardware, some modifications are needed.

The screws are very bad, changing them is not a big problem.

The bowl is made with thin fiberglass and glued to a hard plastic case. And with all the hardware added there is a chance that the plastics cause problems, it can crack, or separate from the fiberglass in some spots, causing bubbles that make a very bad noise when passing throw the wheels. It didn’t happen to me but I’ve seen other users in discord with this issue.

I decided to remove the hard plastic, not an easy job, remove the paint, and adding more fiberglass with epoxy resin with red tint.

The result is very light weight, and much more stronger and resistant to the weight and heat caused by the friction of the wheels.

Now I don’t have to be worried about all the hardware I’ve attached to it. The motors are very good.


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