Envideo card or raidaeon card?

which one is best for 8kx and why? also is amd processor having any problems with any games on pimax?

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From what I read in the past from the most here in the forum they recommendation would be a nvidia card.
Smart Smoothing (Brainwarp or Reprojection) is only working (at the moment) with nvidia cards.
For myself Smartsmoothing is very importnant.

But I read in the past also of some good experinces with amd cards.
I hope this will improve in the future, more possibilities are better.

But if you want to be on the safe side I would recommend a nvidia card.
If you are on a budget, buy a 2080 as a minimum ( or a 1080 Ti with more VRam would be a better choice)
With the 8K X you will using most times 7-8 GB of Vram.
And with 11 GB from a 1080 Ti or 2080 Ti you can increase the supersampling.

In Elite Dangerous for example you are often in the range from 9-10, sometimes even 12 GB.
If you exceed the avaiable VRam of your card, you will get horrible stutter.
That is why the amount of Vram is an important aspect in combination with the 8K X.

To be considerd at the moment is the steam vr jutter problem with the 3000 series cards.
Some people have a better experience with a 2080 (or 10 series cards) than with a 3090 at the moment due to driver problems. Of course this can change in the future but only for you to know.

From the side of the CPUs, you can get every cpu from amd or intel, both are great.
They are no problems from that side ( As far as I know)
Usually amd has a better price value (like the 5600x, awesome cpu for VR)

I hope that helps!


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