Emulating tracking sensor for oculus games?

I have a problem. Some games from Oculus Store play just fine through Revive on Pimax, however some, like Chronos for example, require headset tracking sensor to launch. When I start the game, it recognizes gyroscope and moves when i move my head. But after intro logos, the window pops up: “please check that your headset and sensor are connected”, and it won’t disappear. Is there any way to make the game think that the sensor is connected and to play without it? (I don’t have PS Move, kinect, or anything, that could be used as a tracking device :confused: )

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Hi, sorry for late reply. Can you import this game into the Piplay and then launch it?

Hi, no this does not work. Somehow you need to bypass the Oculus Sensor check in UE4 games even if they are xbox controller compatible.