Elite Dangerous Valve Index vs Pimax 8KX image quality

Can anyone tell me which image quality is best? The 5k image was very poor in comparison Index… I think this game works not good with Pimax devices ore not?


I have an 8K and an 8KX. Elite Dangerous looks quite good on my 8KX. I can easily read the smallest text.

I think the game looks great on a 5k+. Frankly the aliasing from the game engine is the limiting factor even with pretty hefty SS. That may be better at 4k, but I can almost guarantee it’s not resolved. I think it looks awesome and the fov is great.


You can try this old setup (or partially) https://community.openmr.ai/t/elite-dangerous-setup-guide-lets-make-it-dark-again/13334

& my poor quality TTL ED shoots here : Pimax 8KX TTL Elite Dangerous -old phone camera - YouTube

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Guys I want to ask you, I bought ED last year, but I was playing it really short time because of wrong shadows and shining surfaces. Large fov was not possible to use, and normal was a bit better. I had headaches regulary when playing.
Is it any better now? Or do you have some mod/setting which helps with wrong shining on reflexive surfaces?

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[Yata_PL] This is good? I have all settings ultra and high Valve Index and 3090 FTW3 ultra, Super sampling 1,25 and HMD quality 1,5, only ambient occlusion is low, and if I bow a little forward I can read in federal corvette Core dynamics lebel…

[neal_white_iii] What is a small text what you can read?

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ED needs to have Parallel Projections enabled in PiTool. You should not be getting headaches, so I recommend checking/tweaking your IPD settings. I use either Normal or Small FOV, depending on my other settings. To get a good framerate on Normal, I need to enable Smart Smoothing or Fixed Foveated Rendering (FFR), so lately, I’ve been using Small FOV. The smaller FOV isn’t all that annoying, since I just pretend that my view is somewhat limited by my space helmet.

All of the smallest text on the HUD is easily readable on my 8KX. That was not the case using my original 8K.

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All of the HUD text in Elite Dangerous is readable to me in the 5k+, 8k+, or 8kX. However, the reduction of haze, jagged edges, and such, on the HUD text is such that the 8kX is basically crystal clear, while the other headsets are basically usable.

Index is between the 5k+ and 8kX in terms of clarity, and much less in terms of FOV. Index is really only worth considering if your IPD is highly unusual.

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Sadly, no. In the planet rings, icy asteroids have wrong shadows and reflections even with parallel projection. ED’s graphics engine is awful, unfortunately the game is beautiful, so I’ve learned to deal with it

Fingers crossed for a graphics upgrade with Odyssey, but I’m not holding my breath


Let us hope so. Something certainly looks different in the Odyssey pre-release videos.

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What is a small text what you can read?

All of the smallest text on the HUD is easily readable on my 8KX. That was not the case using my original 8K.

All text is also readable with the Valve Index, this is not problem, I wonder if the picture is better? How they look lines, targets in space? I use AA FXAA, then the lines are the finest and smallest…

I haven’t tried an Index, so I can’t compare. The lines and targets in space are clear on the 8KX.

The main advantage of the Pimax headsets is the large field of view (FOV). Unfortunately, I currently must compromise on the FOV, since I only have an RTX 2080, which doesn’t have enough graphics power to let me use high res (super sampling) and a large FOV. I really want to buy a better card, like a 3080, but they simply are not available at this time (for a reasonable price). I’m not going to pay a scalper double the list price, so I am forced to wait. :frowning:

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I was before 2080Ti, add all game setting max and AA FXAA SS1,25 and HMD1,0 and compare…this is best what the 2080Ti card can do whit Index

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yeah same here, I’m still having to use my 1080ti for now and I suspect it will be the same for the foreseeable future.

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I am also having absolutely no issues with E:D, neither with my former 5K+ nor with the 8K-X now.
I am playing with

  • FOV “normal”,
  • PiTool 1.0
  • and SS 100%,
  • PP On, of course,
  • FFR Off (otherwise, I get blocky “artifacts”),
  • Smart Smoothing Off (don’t like it; a bit too blurry and sometimes wobbling),

and everything is sharp, beautiful, nothing wrong or messed up. Even the smallest texts and letters on the bulkheads are easily readable.

Besides the fact that E:D might have some bugs, of course, when having wrong shadows although everything is set up correctly, it might be some driver issue or any other background service interfering here, i.e. vorpX, TriDef, or whatever one might have auto-run in backrun and forget to stop. Just an idea that might be worth to double-check :slight_smile:

I haven’t ever tried an Index.
But I am sure, I never wouldn’t => simply due to the larger FOV’s of the Pimax’:

Take a Beluga Liner and just sit in its cockpit for a second
=> Even “only” with FOV “normal”, the 5K+ / 8K-X just grants you such an immersion of really sitting in that huge cockpit with your two co-pilots left and right… only awesome and overwhelming.

I have played for years in a Pimax 4K with the “old” smaller “standard” FOV - and when playing now since years with 150° (5K+ and 8K-X), I simply can’t and won’t imagine going back to anything smaller.

So, from my point of view:
I cannot tell whether image quality of the Index is better or worse than the 8K-X’s one.
But as mentioned, everything is easily readable, the image quality is very very good (for my taste), and due to the larger FOV, one gains such an immersion boost…
… well, I am starting to repeat myself :wink:


I start this thread because I don’t want to be disappointed when I buy 8KX and it would be good if answer who have played ED with Index and can compare…FOV is of course better, all text is are readable with Index to good and shadows is correct when you set it to max, in federal corvette cockpit is same filing, no problems and I payed this game 5 years. With VR, this game need devours performances and changed 2080Ti to 3090 did not give the desired result, still overclocked 3090 can’t get towed this game whit setting what I need.

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Well, it always depends on where you personally set your priorities concerning

  • FOV
  • resolution
  • lack of SDE
  • image quality
  • 3DOF vs 6DOF head tracking
  • FPS.

My personal priority is

  1. lack of SDE & resolution
  2. image quality & FOV
  3. 6DOF head tracking
  4. FPS.

That’s why I already was very happy with the old 4K: It had noticeably less SDE and a resolution superior to any other HDM at that time - and I was happy with only 3DOF head tracking and 30-50 FPS (Radeon Fury and later on GTX 1080).

With the 5K+ then, I was able to increase image quality further, SDE got less, too, I had that larger FOV, and a couple of months later, I bought a lighthouse and had 6DOF tracking. Still 35 to max. 60 FPS (GTX 1080 and later RTX 2080 Ti with SS 140%).

The 8K-X now has a better native resolution and image quality with SS 100% the 5K+ had with 140% - but it takes GPU performance for breakfast :wink: Still 35 to max. 60/65 FPS perhaps (RTX 2080 Ti, SS 100%).

End of Decembre I was lucky and got an Outlet 3080 in a lcoal Online Shop. Since then, FPS increased significantly to 45 - 75 FPS :smiley:

tldr; :
If you prefer max FPS over FOV, then you probably will be happier with the Index as it needs less performance.
If FPS aren’t as much important to you as they are for me, then a 8K-X might be worth a try. As you can see from my example data above, you should be able to achieve 35-60 FPS with SS 140% (60 in space, 35 on planet approach and surface; worst is Galaxy map => ~15-25 - but well, it’s “only” the Galaxy map :wink: ). With less SS probably up to 70 FPS in space; I can just guess here.

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I have planet approach and surface 39-48 fps and low 40 begin jerking in front of the station entrance, also depends on the size of the inside station when I play def gpu settings, only overclocked 3090 help me and same is 8KX?

I should have a look at my ingame graphic settings, but I’d say I have maxed out perhaps 80-90% of the settings, and I am getting the abovementioned FPS

with my 3080, slightly UV/OC (1950 MHz @0.918V ; +500 MHz VRAM), and FOV “normal” = ~150° in the 8K-X.
But it is not much worse with default clocks or 1905 MHz @0.943V, my settings in the first two weeks with the new card.

Depending on the game and its graphic engine, details and personal settings, no available GPU is still able to perform VR @75, 90 or even higher FPS constantly and in every situation for the moment. And I fear, that might last for the next upcoming 3-5 years.

(BTW: Especially concerning planet approach, while we are talking about, I also noticed in fpsVR, that my CPU’s tends to have more work load than in every other scenario in E:D. So, in that particular situation, it might not only be the GPU which is limiting, but the CPU, too, or even more.)

So you’ll always have to find your personal compromise - resolution vs. details vs. FOV vs. FPS etc.
Nobody can decide that for you, we just can give you some subjective experience and suggestions :wink:

At least in Germany, there is something that is called “Fernhandelsabsatzgesetz”. Means: If you have ordered something online, you have the legal right to send it back for full refund within two weeks as long as the item is not damaged or the like.
So if you have a similar possibility in your country, order a 8K-X for a week and try it. If it fulfills your needs, keep it - if not and it feels worse than the Index, send it back. Might not be too kind for the shop, of course; on the other hand, if you handle it carefully, the shop can resell it for 99-100% of its original price, i.e. via Amazon Warehouse Deals or the like. And the problem with modern consumer electronics simply is, that it always depends a bit on personal use cases, preferences and taste - for such prices, no-one can expect the customer to accept the full risk, imho :man_shrugging: This way, I have tried a dozen of TV’s for my PC five years ago - I already feared to be excluded from one or two shops :joy: But I finally found “my” best TV :blush:

Hi m8markus,

I think everyone has different senses. Some people think the resolution is enough, while others are more sensitive and think the picture is not fine enough and there is no absolute value