Edited title - I thought they didn't mention wireless but they did!

Not a word - Just saying!!!

Edit, I got this wrong, they did mention it.

There was actually. They said it’d be a next year thing iirc. I mean, I can’t say I’m surprised. Wireless at native 4k sounds difficult.


i guess you didn’t watch the whole thing?

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Yup, you got me there - I watched about the first 50 minutes in full but couldn’t take any more (I really like Martin but just can’t take how long he drags things out for) so went and did something else and flicked through the rest later - there wasn’t anything on the summary slide so I assumed it wasn’t mentioned! That’ll teach me for not paying full attention!!

I guess they are waiting for the new wifi 802.11ay tech to come out.

I’ve just edited the title of the thread to they ‘did’ mention wireless!!

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They also mentioned their partner has already a wireless kit on the market so that narrows it down quite a bit…

Did mention it and we do have a working module prototype all the way up to the Vision 8k+ but not the X yet.


Fantastic news - I just can’t bring myself to go back to wired VR so am still sitting on my wallet!!


Hopefully eventually you all can figure out the 8KX as well!

In theory it’s possible but right now wireless samples just aren’t smooth on the X.


Please make it work somehow.

I say this an X backer and for people that would spend 1,299 on it.