Early bird 8k hmd only still in December?

Just wondering where things were standing. I kind of miss when we were getting reports every day about incremental improvements on the overall hmd. I think most people enjoy being a part of the process of building the hmd. Sorry to go off topic there for a second lol

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I understand we have to let them build the product now but the change in communication leaves me feeling more than a bit uneasy. One thing I would like them to consider for the future is starting a race the way they plan to finish it. More than before I feel the reality of rolling the dice with $500 on the line. LOL. I know any Kickstarter campaign is a risk and I can accept that. However, Pimax as a company has a desire to carve out a piece of this market for themselves and probably should be mindful that we watching how they handle things carefully.

All being said, I liked very much the way they went about things prior to the KS becoming funded. Since then however…not so much. Guess I better find some lucky lady to blow on the dice for luck!

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Their ability to produce 2K-4K units per month makes it very much possible but with Pimax’s intended CES 2018 attendance, Dec. may come and go.

Does anyone really want their HMD’s before seeing previews or testimonials of V4-V5, etc?

A rushed job is never good.


peoples anxiety is understandable , but i agree with you. need to let them get down to work and focus. Get the job done right.


As someone who works in software, please trust me when I say this. Better pushing back a deadline rather than rushing out a product. PIMAX has far more to lose here than any backers, the reputation of their company is at stake. As a group who wishes to establish themselves in the VR industry they have so much invested in this product. Jobs, loans, personal reputation and more, these people more than any of us want this project to succeed.

If the 8K flops I cannot imagine how devastating it will be for their employees. Give them your faith and patience and they will do whatever they can to make sure the product meets expectations.


Well said and absolutely true. I am absolutely rooting for Pimax to succeed. Even though recently I have had some criticism in regards to communication, I am still solidly in their corner.

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I really don’t understand how people are realistically expecting December 2017, January 2018 or even H1 2018 delivery of their HMD, not even mentioning knuckles type controllers and such.

Simply look at how long it took them to get to V2 since January, notice the complete lack of functionality of V3 which was a PR stunt to accelerate KS funding, pay attention to the lack of meaningful communication since the KS closed (remember that letter of apology promising super transparent communication? :joy:) and then keep in mind they stated there would be a V4 and V5 before commencing on production of the CV.

I am really looking forward to my HMD but once March, April and May have passed without a shipped HMD to be seen, people on this forum will be going mental.

Relax, this is a tiny team with hardly any worthwhile funding doing the best they can; sure they oversold on their promises on KS but anyone with a tiny bit of understanding of Chinese business culture knows that this is simply the way it’s done.

Personally I will be completely satisfied with receiving a usable if not perfect HMD (absolutely do not expect HTC/Oculus/Samsung etc quality here) within the next 12 months. These guys aren’t magicians, they are doing the best they can and it‘ll be a nice peek at what the next gen from the big players might be like.

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So, um…where is your evidence of V3 not being functional at all? Are you saying the people who tried it out are all liars?

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The IPD mechanism wasn’t functional lol, that’s about it. Dude is acting like they haven’t shown us a nearly complete HMD already…

Maybe they don’t have anything meaningful to convey at the moment, and they are busy fulfilling their end of the bargin.

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IPD was functional, it was one of the two big changes in V3. They even made a video showing it functioning.

Yup, Pimax showed that IPD was in fact mechanically working. AFAIK the prototype shown in NYC was V2 and V3 was there as a proof of concept of the IPD adjuster. Initially we were told it wasn’t possible to show for a lack of display adaptor, then they conceded that there were serious issues going from 2x HDMI to DP 1.4

I know of no accounts of people actually trying out V3, would love to be proven wrong.

Btw I‘m not saying that Pimax are shitting the bed at all, quite the opposite. I‘m saying the the largely technologically clueless crowd on this forum as well as KS are expecting way too much on a way too short timeline for a measly couple hundred bucks.

It was functioning mechanically, the headset was only calibrated for one IPD configuration. This was confirmed directly by @Evertec who tested the v3 prototype himself. That was the only major issue with v3 other than the lower (75hz) refresh rate as far as I am aware, though.

For your reading pleasure:

Edit: Found the comment about IPD adjustment:

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Correct. The thing that wasn’t working was the coresponding software to shift the image to match the lense position. Screens are fixed and the lenses and images shift sideways. The software would take time to develop

There are numerous accounts of people trying out the V3 (look at quotes above, there’s also a Reddit thread of hands-ons from the New York demo). In fact, you know the whole controversy over “75hz”? That was an issue that came out of the V3 demo, it was caused in part by switching from dual HDMI to single Display Port, V2 was running at 90hz.

I’m just going by what they said, not the community. The community is clueless.

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