Drivers download links?


Oh boy this site is a mess ;). I don’t come here daily, but every few months when I want to check new drivers it’s a hunt. The main site outside the forums is dead as well (“We’re building something big” or whatever), so there is no Support/Drivers link in there too. Can we please have a sticky with clear links to the latest AND previous versions of PiPlay so we don’t have to dig through dozens of 100+ posts driver impressions threads? Imagine doing that for any other drivers like NVidia’s?

There used to be a link above the posts about driver installation instructions with a link to the latest one. At the time of writing, the only stickies I am seeing are about Forums Rules and TOS, either in the Pimax 4K, General Discussion, Support or, tadaa, the “Download PiPlay” forums. The latter having nothing past 2016.

So where does one go to download the latest 3.x and of course the couple of previous 3.x, and just in case the latest 2.x whatever their version numbers are, that I cannot guess the names of and hence search for?

Thank you.


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