Dpd tracking received?

im confused, i got tracking info mail from dpd uk, it doesnt say what they are shipping or even who the sender is, but im not expecting anything.
i should get my pimax as a complete package with trackingstations and controllers… are the controllers allready in production?
wasnt expecting anything for another few months.


Dibs if you dont want it :grinning: are you uk ,
Some others have had the same thing happen ,voted wait but got it anyway without base,s and controller

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Lucky you! You’d be the first backer who’d receive more than a headset.


they are without basestation and pads… they will deliver it later after finishing the production.

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Can 100% guarantee it wont have base station or controllers.
Pimax has likely forgotten about (or ignored) you saying you wanted the full package later and you are probably getting the headset by itself now.
Or you have bought something else and you forgot and that is whats being delivered.

not even basestations? guess ill just leave it in the box then. im not downgrading from my 4k without tracking.

It comes with 3dof tracking,just like the 4k without lighthouses.


You’d still have 3dof tracking for seated experiences. I’d reccommend at least examining headset & try it out.

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my piont exactly, its like the 4k, but with worse displays.(its not only a downgrade from 2160p to 1440p, the 1440p is also stretched over a bigger FOV)
quick comparison: 5k-8k-4k

but you are right, i should at least check if its funktional.

Got it. Since the 4k is scaled, image quality on the 5k could be slightly better or similar though. But as far as I have heard you are right.

If you have the pimax 4k. The 8k is still a tremendous upgrade to the 4k. The p4k is 1440p upscaled. The 8k has better refresh color & no ghosting compared to p4k.

Unless you mean 4k monitor or TV.

yes, im talking pimax 4k. the scaler in this thing is very good.
in my mind less ghosting + tracking at the cost of half the ppi is more of a sidegrade tbh.
with displays so close to the eye, ppi is by far the most important metric for me, since 8k and 5k plus seem to be nearly identical in ppi and both nowhere near my current 4k, im expecting to be dissapointed either way.


Well as a fellow 4k owner; you shouldn’t be that disappointed tbh.


It’s not as bad as you think: The 5/8K has TWO panels, while the 4K splits the display between the left and right eyes. That means that the 8K has twice as many pixels as the 4K.


im ready to be positively surprised, but with about 1000 hmds sent out and not a single 4k-8k-5k comparison picture anywhere, one has to assume the worst.
the picture above is from the only 8k-4k one year old comparison picture on the entire internet, combined with a 8k-5k comparison scaled to match.


Unfortunately there is no definitive comparison on the web to refer to at the moment, but you’ll find out yourself soon enough. Personally I believe there won’t be a huge difference.

Very outdated comparison pictures from 2017(note: no 5k+)


yeah i know those pics, but they are softened to uselessness, thats why i made my own with a screengrab from the spanish alpha/beta-testers that had a 4k to compare to an early 8k (displays didnt change) and a screengrab from swevivers review. as you can see 8k and 5k+ have somewhere between 25-45%(wide error margin do to source) less pixels per area.
which is fine for the 5k+, noone expected any different, but the 8k was a shock tbh. but if you put in the 80ish percent panel utilization thats floating around for the 8k you get about what the pictures show, so its probably pretty close.
anyway, im ready to be pleasently surprised next week when it arrives.

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Truthfully I think the 4k pixel layout is also better than the standard horizontal pixel pattern. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

i still want to see a comparison 5k-8k were the picture from the 8k is taken when its at 45 deg angular so pixal arrangement is same way .nothing to prove by it just curious how they compare like that

well, got the 5k+ and played some skyrim and hellblade today.
and i am indeed pleasently surprised. while the SDE is worse then the 4k, it realy isnt by much. glare or godrays or whatever it is called, seems worse too.
but other than that, the crisp image and wider FOV pretty much make it more of a sidegrade then a downgrade, so color me happy. :wink:
now i only need the basestations and controller to start playing all the games i bought over the last year in anticipation of its arrival.