DPD sucks! (got 5K+ though)

Finally my 5K+ is here! The DPD man decided to put it in front of the door of a nice woman living at house number 1. I live in house number 11 100m further down the road.

Luckily my phone number was on the package and the nice woman called me. This started with quite the shock. Installing software and the DAS now.


Indeed they do in spite of members stating otherwise. Quite incompetent dpd is appearing.


@anon74848233 please add to earlybackers

Well at least that is better than what happened to another backer. They decided it would be a good idea to leave the headset inside the recycling bin… instead of the clearly marked “package container” that was right next to it.

This is the #2 most important reason to have a camera outside your front door (#1 being security). It lets you catch them red-handed when they are lying/incompetent and can help you catch package thieves.


I think it was clearly on purpose, the guy has a second job working for a dating company and she could be your perfect match :joy::joy:

100% agree…it’s so efficient for these kind of situations

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Lovely. Ofc the auto firmware updated did not go through and bricked it.
DFU Tool wont see it.

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Another user fixed it by a simple reboot. After the reboot PiTool completed the update.

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I am on it. It is doing another flash process right now. It’s not dead. Just bugging out on me. :slight_smile:

Success on this flash!


Ok up an drunning. The Blu and Skyrim quickly tested.
SDE definatly still there but damn is it sharp. I love it.
Skyrim save was at night. Blacks and colors are good enough for me.

I am one happy backer now.

Adding space pirate trainer to the list.
I left pitool on 1. Running a highend system with a heavily overclocked 2080ti. Performance in these three games was just great. I don’t think much supersampling is needed either. This is no vive that needs it to overcome low res and high SDE flaws.