Double vision? Fish eye appearance

When opening up steamVR the inside of the house looks amazing. However I only play iracing and when loading into the car I feel like I’m drunk/cross-eyed.

If I close my right eye and just look through the left lense everything looks great. When I close I left eye and look through right lense everything looks terrible. Everything looks warped almost like I’m inside a fish eye photo. When using both eyes it makes it extremely hard to focus while racing. It looks so terrible and almost gives a double vision sensation.

I have tried adjusting the ipd from smallest to largest and that doesn’t help. In pitool I’ve selected /and or deselected every setting and still have same effect.

This is my first day having this and I’m coming from a oculus rift and it get so much more natural using it. If I can get the pimax to have a comfort for visual it will blow oculus away.

I need help. Any suggestions?

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Sounds like you might need to turn on the compatible with parallel projections option in pitool? I believe you then have to do a restart for it to kick in - hopefully that should fix it. It’s a great HMD, good luck & enjoy M

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You need to restart SteamVR.

You can tell that PP is enabled by the blue chevron light on the Pimax headset front blinking blue instead of being solid blue. Also the small led next to the power button will be purple instead of blue.