Double screen bug


I have the Pimax 5k + and I have problems quite energetic.
When I run minecraft (oculus) I have an error ‘Failed to initialize libOVR’ I install the fixed update of oculus, reinstalled oculus, redémarer windows but nothing changes.

then on Subnotica I have the HUD doubles (it’s as if I saw the game normally but the HUD (O2, life …) was doubled in my eyes.
For Elite dangerous it’s worse is the game itself that is doubling in my eyes, it’s as if I saw the game in each eye is unplayable.

Who can help me please?

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Have you tried Turning on Parallel Projections in Pitool settings? (SteamVR will need to be restarted) this should fix the double image.

For Oculus minecraft not sure. But there is a Vivecraft version of minecraft that may work better.

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