Don't install Client V1.12, the Chaotic 1/3 smart smoothing mess is back

It’s on the title, I installed it and regretted right away.
The 1/3 smart smoothing that nobody wants results in a big mess of framerate dropping from 1/3, 1/2 in a pixel disaster.
This 1/3 ss was a bad Idea and it had disappeared on the previous Client versions.
I tested it with my 5k+ on Assetto corsa, Assetto corsa competition, Automobilista 2, at 120hz and 90hz, it was unplayable.

I reinstalled the V1.11 by installing the V1.10 package I had in my download folder, and it invited me to install the V1.11
Then I did the same tests on the same games, and it was very good again, no more 1/3 ss.

Did they try to put back the 1/3 ss without telling us they put it back, or is it just an unwanted mistake? (which can happen). I hope it’s the last option. I don’t want it to come back on the future Client versions.


@mbucchia has a method of re-disabling 1/3 motion smoothing or vice-versa with Pimax Smart Smoothing Tuner GitHub - mbucchia/Pimax-Smart-Smoothing-Tuner: An add-on to tune Pitool/Pimax Client smart smoothing.
Note that it even has a preset .reg file to allow for easy disabling of the 1/3 motion smoothing!

Also of note PimaxXR includes a CLI that allows you to reintroduce Compulsive Smoothing (even with steamVR in use so its not openxr specific). This is particularly useful with autohotkeys to allow you to switch while within games (some games such as DCS prevent autohotkeys from triggering so you may have to alt tab to allow them to pass)

The cli instructions are here pimax_cli · mbucchia/Pimax-OpenXR Wiki · GitHub
In particular:

dbg_force_framerate_divide_by # sets compulsive smoothing as it used to exist.

Both functions, while a little on the advanced side (no gui etc) are wonderful methods of recapturing what Pimax seems to have omitted with respect to frame rate control, an essential aspect of ideal VR use. Take a half hour and try them both!


Thank you for those solutions. However, like I said on the other thread you opened on this subject, the “Pimax Smart Smoothing Tuner” is not available any longer.
Client 1.13 has the same issue as 1.12 when it comes to smart smoothing.

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@mbucchia has just updated with a Client 1.13 compatible version.
will test soon. Big thanks to him.

FYI this method no longer works with the latest Pimax Client.

With the way Pimax’s SteamVR driver is now handling frames, the tuner is now useless.

At first I figured it was because it overwrote the .dll now I guess its true. Oh Pimax!

Gonna cry. I just want one PiClient that has all the goodies. Smart smoothing with enable/disable of 1:3 or 1:2 selectively. Bring back compulsive smoothing. Non-broken “quad” menus. Support for eye tracking. Oculus support.

We need an island of function. Right now everyone has to find a PiClient that suits their needs, which may or may not work with all games, and for that matter fundamental changes that dont work with various aspects of PimaxXR and so on.


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