Dolphin VR - GC and Wii Emulator with VR injection

I do not want to start the legality of emulators and rom. I just want to discuss how wonderful this application is in conjunction with Pimax 5k+.

One of the best VR experience in my opinion with Dolphin VR is the Metroid Prime series If you ever wanted to feel like Samus, this is the experience. Add Dolphin VR to PiTool, set your graphics settings to 1440p with 4x MSAA, in the VR tab, you can set the minimal FOV to 150 in Dolphin VR and you are all set. The wider FOV and just how the game was design in general is a perfect fit for VR. The control always has been a bit weird to me but they work very well. I did experience some FPS framedrop at occasion but overall it was really good.

Zelda Twilling Princess and WindWaker are another exceptional game to run in Dolphin VR The camera is located just behind the character and makes it very comfortable experience overall. The FPS was pretty solid through the minimal about of time I spent with it.

The last game I’ve tried was X-Men Legends. It’s a isometric hack and slash. the VR camera is located just above the character. The immersion is definitely not the same as previous title mention but it’s still very playable.


I hear you best to presume folks own the original disc/cartridge. Just avoid posting where to get roms. Just post where to get the Emulator.

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I’ll have to try this. What version of dolphin are you using? I tried this these games when I first got my vive and it was really cool. Loved the look of wind walker in VR

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I was planning to use dolphin until pimax controllers came out.

try F-zero GX & Resident evil 4 as well, VR makes RE4 a lot better due to it’s lack of camera control.

Having trouble finding the FOV setting in Dolphin VR tab, closest thing I see is min HFOV set to 10.

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