Does the pimax 12k only work with the battery?

Hey @PimaxUSA @PimaxQuorra @hammerhead_gal @SweViver does the pimax 12k only work with the battery pack? if so then that would be a bummer because I mostly want to use the pimax 12k for the pc with cable and it would be annoying if I need to wait till the battery is full.


While I can’t answer this. I imagine the extra hardware may need more power than the Usb can supply. The battery being swappable hopefully an extra battery charge kit is available at launch. Though it likely will not drain the battery that fast tethered.

Still in prototype stage so things may improve/change as they near release.

Well, Kevin spoke about it being lighter without the battery than the 8KX. My plan is to leave the battery out and for seated games continue to have a pulley to the ceiling directly above to keep the weight off my entire head. So hopefully the battery is only needed when not tethered by cable.

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I rather have a thicker cable that went to the wall soket than buy more battery’s or fast chargers.


I can see the reasoning. However it will come down to in part how long a battery will last in Tethered mode. It might be sufficient to run all day.

Now on the other side they can likely have an Alternative cable available with a snap in Battery alternative adapter to allow a wall powered option.

Still very early days. So imagine like prior to KS and during pimax will evaluate pimax user suggestions\ideas.

The 8kx runs off the cable…why not the thethered 12K. That would be a bummer if I i have to keep the battery in the headset when tethered…

The 8kX only uses USB power. The 12k though from my understanding from the presentations is leveraging Qualcomm XR2 processor and aa a result likely requires more power than a usb port can deliver. So it may indeed need extra power via the battery slot even in tethered mode(but much less than Standalone mode). That being said yes the battery could be used to maintain stable power needed.

However the battery in theory could also be swapped out with a power supply battery module for use in Tethered or tetherless mode.

At this time though we only have details related to this stage of prototyping. A lot of changes revisions will likely change from now til that time it releases.

And at present we do not know how long the battery will last in tethered mode. It could indeed be an all day experience vs the more power consuming wireless mode.

Sounds like were all going to buy an extra battery

12Kwill not only be an all-in-oneVR , it will also be a PC VR, so it won’t have to use battery pack


Thanks for clarifying!

I’m thinking it will likely be worthwhile to have the battery in anyway. Counterbalance weights really help the comfort of the headset for long play sessions.

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Yeah but i just use pulleys on the front to the ceiling. Even better

I hope it is true because Kevin Anderson said that you need the battery (on the mrtv show)

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Yeah that works great. I use also a app turn signal or so on steam that tells me before the cable tangles around.

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He said his particular prototype needed the battery. He also said that his prototype was older, and that there were other prototypes that didn’t require the battery.


I know but it was confusing he couldn’t tell what we get if the headset releases.

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