Does the Hand Tracking Module give pass through capabilities?

It has 2 cameras so Im guessing it does but with Pimax being Pimax, I don’t know if they’ve thought of this or would even try.

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First of all, expect the worst…
There is no announcement no videos no tests.
Only thing we „know“ that they are being shipped right now. (which does not mean anything, could be 3-4 units) I feel it‘s a bad thing, since they probably want avoid KS backers to ask for charge backs.
Honestly if it is even close to the ET fiasko I would have asked honestly.
Now that I don‘t know anything it’s easier for them.

The device is the leap motion ( now Ultraleap) OEM module and isn’t standard USB color cameras. The sensor are low res infraRed about 640x400 to 800x600 120hz camera.You can obtain the Raw image data using the leap motion API. So yes it’s technically possible to see the raw images but it’s of low interests for AR or VR interaction unless some other processing is done

Furthermore general license agreement prohibit the use of these images for other things then development so I would be surprise if Pimax plug in the see thru capability or maybe Pimax has other agreement with Ultraleap


I am a KS backer and have already received my hand tracking module. i choose not to use it with my 5k+ but will try it out on the 8kX when it arrives.


Is there a specific reason you chose not to use it (ie you stopped using the 5K+)?

If I were you I would at least try it out with the 5K+ to verify that it is working properly. That way you can RMA it if there is an issue and hopefully receive the replacement at/near the same time as the 8K-X.

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Wait, I thought they were not done yet. Are you sure you do not mean your eye tracking module?

(Of course; Had you asked me at any time which of the two I would have thought would be available first… :P)

i have both. 20 characters _________________.

Ok, I see now, in the latest weekly update, that they have indeed just begun shipping them - I guess mine (also KS side order) shouldn’t be too far off, then. :7

(If you have unpacked it: Is it as in recent pictures, where there were no lenses over the cameras, or structured light emitters, if it still uses those – just a rather ugly hole?)

Probably not enough bandwidth on the usb 2 port

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