Does the EU include the UK (in terms of Pimax shipping)?

Pimax states they ship to the EU but doesn’t mention the UK - just wondering what the significance of the UK leaving the EU means - seriously!


Good question, as far as I understand it, the UK follows all existing regulations until 2021. So this year’s deliveries shouldn’t be affected (I hope!).

There’s far more information about VAT and customs here than I know what to do with hehe: UK exited EU VAT regime 31 December 2020 - Brexit


Same rules and regulations applies to UK as to the rest of EU for the next 11 months at least, and Pimax ships to UK, so no worries.


How ru feeling now Martin? Better I hope.

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Assuming we get our 8KX’s by then, which with Pimax’s track record on delays… :wink:


All shipments come from UK to Europe? In that case, knowing that UK is finally leaving the EU, I think Pimax should work, as soon as possible, in a solution for good. It doesn’t make sense to keep ships to UE from UK.
Could you keep pressing Pimax to send as soon as possible base stations and stretch goals? The delay is scandalous.

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