Does anyone have an eye tracking unit that is working properly?

It’s been six months since I received my eye tracking unit in July. However, it is still not even stable.

Where is the update for 100Hz operation in USB2.0 environment?

It was not even mentioned in the weekly update on January 8.

There is no mention of the possibility of inserting prescription lenses.

A product that costs hundreds of dollars is still not working properly six months after its release. This is crazy. This is not a Kickstarter.

Pimax should disclose comprehensive information and clearly state where corrections should be made.

This is a case where the entire product should be recalled.


also applies to me. They should give us the money back. That device is obscene, it works terribly and we are guinea pigs. I need to get a lawyer in china and write to them. You don’t treat people like that.

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maybe see it more a a statement of pimax how they run things and how they relate to customers
it’s not a new state and things in china are different and how they see things, there is a difference in law and culture, there are reasons why they still run the business from china and have no branches in europe or usa, they deliberately don’t want to be held responsible, its convenient for them and they even rolled back there usa branche for support

you can’t change a company, customers have to vote with there feet, everyone who cares to read before buying has enough here to see the state of things and can decide and there are also tests about the eye tracking you can find on youtube

and tbh even if it would work better, there is not much software or game in vr where you would be able to use it as input media (like aiming in a shooter or a flight sim)

if vr is about to lift off, eye tracking is not even on the way to the runway
(the limits of the DFR was foreseeable in the FFV of pitool, no surprises in that area, if FFR did not work for you its not going to be better with eye tracking)


Its not Pimax that makes the eye-tracking it is 7Invensun, I dont have a gpu that can use it yet so have not really used mine.

yes, and Pimax signed off on the final iteration of “their” eyetracking solution as promised in the kickstarter 3 years ago and now delivered as broken/half baked/non productive (for what is was intended to do). This is a useless product that I got a 100$ discount on as a Backer, and it’s still a 100$ doorstop.

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Mine works just fine, I dont have any software to make useof the tracking functionality but in terms of DFR I tested this in Skyrim VR and can say it does indeed work as described. Note that not all VR titles seem to benefit from this, for Elite Dangerous it had 0 impact on frame rate.


@Soarin: so you have placed it in the headsets and it can calibrate while you are wearing it and will indeed work with the DFR functionality ? How much tinkering did it take to get it to work ? Could you briefly describe the different steps - and adjustments - you took/applied to make it work at the end ?
It would be especially interesting to learn which steps diverted from the (scarce) recommendations Pimax have put out there.

So I use an external USB 3 cable for the 120 Hz tracking. I calibrate the eye tracking module each time I put the headset on or adjust it’s position on my face. It took a bit of tweaking to the foam padding on the headset to get the calibration to work. the shape of my face meant my eyes were not perpendicular to center of the screen with the thin face foam. With some additional material added to the lower side of the cushion the calibration tool detected the center point for my eyes without issue.

The adjustment to padding made reading text easier, it demonstrated just how finicky the headset is in regards to placement on your head. The DFR enabled shows in the Pitool once calibrated, I cannot recall however if it tells you whether the current application supports DFR.


Exactly the same experience here too besides I’m not running an extra cable.

PiTool doesn’t show info on whether a game supports FFR/DFR or not.

That part is not too big of a deal to me as it’s a “set and forget” thing for the game profile in Pimax Experience.

A thing that annoys me though is why on earth PiTool doesn’t automatically start the aSeeVR service and why we have to run the calibration wizard all the time.

If we really have to, make it part of launching a game that has DFR enabled… :wink:


The callibration should be run whenever you move the headset and the relative position of your eyes changes.

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We are currently testing a new 100Hz version of eye tracking firmware+software which seems to work very stable as far as I can tell. Much better than the previous releases. Seamless installation of aSee software and its working straight away in calibration and with DFR.


FYI, there is a bug in Pavlov VR (Training->Shooting Range) where you can easily test eye tracking DFR responsiveness and functionality. The textures outside of the main DFR area are not rendered (just black).
With the 100Hz firmware, its really getting fast now, and the transition from one eye point to another is smooth. Its not perfect yet, but its very accurate now.

Simple example:


It’s been a few weeks now, and Pimax has been silent on eye tracking, which means that unless you have your own 3m USB 3.0 cable, you won’t be able to get high refresh rate eye tracking that is compatible with gaming.

Pimax announced in their weekly update that they will release a beta version with 100Hz support after the New Year vacations. Later in this thread, a post was made that the 100Hz test version is working very stably. After that, it has been silent.

Why has Pimax gone silent? Discontinuing information and betraying people’s trust is a very bad habit of theirs.

They don’t seem to be ashamed at all when they release a product that doesn’t work properly for more than 6 months.

There’s a new PiTool version out which pulls a new firmware + aSeeVR version (

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I’ve confirmed that the latest version of Pitool provides eye tracking firmware v2.0.0.5. However, no announcement has been made. Why don’t they list the info in their weekly updates?

It seems that the need for a separate USB 3.0 cable has not changed. Also.
・The calibration perspective has shifted, making it difficult to complete.
・When using the app, the perspective jumps frequently.
This may be my only example, but the current state is degenerate.


I’ve had that issue as well with FFR in the past. I could fix it by lowering the super sampling in the pavlov video settings (in game, not steamvr)

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Hi Jien1963D,

Have your problem:eye tracking been solved?
If not , you can make a ticket for help in helpdesk.


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