Does 5k/8k support DP1.2 GPUs? (GTX 9xx AMD R3xx)

I own a laptop with a GTX980 (desktop) and I’m wondering if I’ll be able to use my Pimax with. I don’t mind a lower refresh rate but I’d like to know if it will be supported. I plan to upgrade my GPU to a NVME eGPU with a 2080 but not now. I think the 980 is still a decent GPU and I don’t mind lowering the details or sticking with simpler games.

I’m still not decided between 5k and 8k, will either make a difference?
I saw that someone with a 980Ti can get an image:

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I don’t know where to begin. There wasn’t a 980 GTX desktop GPU for laptops. That wasn’t a thing until the 10th Gen GPUs. I had to read that M.2 GPU connectors is a thing, but still seems like a terrible idea for VR (you’re at best getting 4 [instead of 16] PCIe lanes).

I think you can probably do some stuff in VR with your laptop, but gaming probably won’t be one of those things. BigScreen is really cool! But rather than Frankenstein your laptop into something beastly, I’d recommend saving up to build a desktop PC for VR. Laptops always have lower performance, higher prices, and less upgradability than a desktop (but being easy to move around is pretty rad).


Agreed with @kw23 an external graphics amp using mini pci-x slot in a laptop is not likely going to cut it. But as they say doesn’t hurt to try.

But imho & experience it’s not going to be pretty.

so the 5k+ will not work with my vive setup when using a GTX 970 just bc 1.2?
on the kickstarter it said it would so…

It originally said 980 or 980 ti as min

I have had some success on my old r9 390 but don’t reccommend it.

Dp 1.2 will bottle neck the bandwidth needed. But experiences that are like like GunJack should work. But WarRobots VR you are likely to experience judders & ghosting.

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Maybe you need to fix Nvidia site then:

I have a Clevo P870DM with Desktop 980 GTX and Desktop Core i7-6700k that run my HTC Vive quite well… Keeping that setup would be convenient for me.

Using NVME eGPU gives a 4% performance drop which is quite acceptable. It takes few minutes to disconnect when I need to move my gaming rig. I don’t think a desktop would be much more powerful, a NVME eGPU is about $80.


Interesting. $80 is way, way cheaper than a new system… I hope it works out for you! Good luck!


DP 1.2 can run 2560 × 1440 @ 165Hz, it’s more than enough for the 90Hz of the 5k and 80Hz of the 8k:

Yes qhd not qhdx2. But you might get lucky in your experiment.

The 980ti for example can do 2560*1600? But requires 2 dp connectors. @pumcy started testing with a 980ti & it tanked. Granted with the reduced FoV options might be somewhat viable now.

You mean Pimax is is using multi-stream?

So I’d better get a 8k 280>160Hz rather than a 5k 290>180Hz.

It would be great to get official support from @Pimax-Support @PimaxVR so that I know which headset I’ll get.

Both 8k and 5k+ has the same input. The only difference happens inside the 8k where it is upscaled. Upscaling is not done on the gpu.

No if you look up 980ti to get 2560*1600 it requires 2 inputs.

Something like that meaning the display device needs 2 inputs

My understanding is that a 980Ti / DP1.2 ought to work (with 1 cable) at 2560x1440 at 75 Hz refresh (and below). Once Pimax adds 60 and 72 Hz for movies (as they promised), it’s possible that DP 1.2 might work.

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But keep in mind your not running 25601440 as your running twice that so 51201440. The 60hz will help a lot with this & of course your 980ti is considerably stronger than the r9 390. With the FoV options will help small & maybe some in Normal. GunJack is well optimised & runs decent on all FoV from my testing. WarRobots VR unplayable by standards. Distance in small & normal can be tweaked to run reasonably well.

The tweaks in refresh agreed will help improve potential lower spec gpu. Imho depending on what one considers “good” enough quality settings an experience maybe good enough with the right level of compromise.

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I don’t own any 9xx series anymore so I can’t try, but Im afraid this is why Pimax always set 1070 as the minimum requirement?


You know the 980ti tanked during testing though reduced FoV might help. Remember pumcy posted the hard link on card specs.

Kickstarter until proven during testing the 980ti couldn’t run on the 8k. Causing the tester to obtain a 1070.

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In the article he said that he didn’t try with the 980 Ti because it was below the min spec (but that’s his go to VR test card).

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Because during testing it failed bad. Remember going into testing he said he had a 980 ti & folks wete looking forward to the results.

Here’s the spec link:

Keep in mind the reduced FoV options wasn’t there.

The last * in the spec there says 5120*3200@60hz with dual dp.

With my hit & miss success yes you can likely find titles that will run but not likely anything too complex.

If he said that, it wasn’t in the article. Here’s what he wrote:

Typically, we use a Zotac GTX 980 Ti as our VR test platform, but that card is outside of Pimax’s range of approved GPUs, so we put that card aside and pulled out a GTX 1070 and an RTX 2080 for this review. After seeing the results of our FCAT VR analysis, we immediately wished we had an RTX 2080 Ti on our test bench.
Pimax 5K+ VR Headset Review: Benchmarks and Analysis

Hey Sweviver I know the 2080ti is way expensive but from performance point of view is the increase in performance a noticeable thing while playing your favourite games.

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