Do you see a brief flash occasionally, and is it a fault or a feature?

I first noticed this shortly after my headset arrived while watching a 360° movie. There would occasionally be a quick, bright flash (kinda like a camera flash) followed by the appearance of more prominent vertical shadows apparently caused by the little vertical “wires” that seem to be attached to the lenses (which I’m guessing might be demisters/defoggers). The prominence of these shadows seemed to subside after a while.

I’ve noticed it a couple of times since, only when in extended mode I think, and I’m starting to wonder if this is part of the fabled optical adjustment mechanism. If it is, it doesn’t seem to be working properly, and if it’s not I’m going to be worried about what is causing these flashes.

I have the same flash when in pimax mode steam vr. Cant think of any thing else other than what you have already said but its not to much of a distraction just I also would like to know what it is.

Hi, Piman!
It is normal, blue light filtering mechanism and mist mechanism are working

Hi, Strikeman
It is normal, blue light filtering mechanism and mist mechanism are working.

Are you saying that the flash has nothing to do with focusing?

What does it have to do with light filtering, or defogging?

Yes, like you said it is just demisters

What are the vertical wires for?

Hi, It work for clear the fog.

So both the vertical wires and the flash are required for the defogging operation?

Yes, bro.
Yesterday, I went to the lab and see how it work. I don’t know how to describe, but the engineer told us, there are work for clear the fog.^_^.

When you were at the lab, did the engineer also happen to tell you how the focusing mechanism works?

If you can share some information about that with your customers, I bet they can help you troubleshoot the problem. Once we know how something is supposed to work, we will know what to look for, and will therefore be able to provide feedback.


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