Do you need Pimax support regarding your SUPEN ticket? I might help you!

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

As you probably know, since two weeks or so, I’m working with Pimax as a part of the
EU office, and today I have just started with a first glimpse at the support ticket system,
and basically how it works and is handled. I’m totally new to this yet, so it might take a while until things are catching up with the pace of course, but bear with me please :slight_smile:

I see some of you have requested various kind of support from the Pimax team but maybe didn’t
get the help in time, and I fully understand that you might get frustrated by waiting.

Therefore, I have an idea.

How about if we start this off by you contacting me, through a DM (direct message) here in this forum?
If you need any kind of help or question regarding your current support ticket, just leave me a message.

As I’m working within the Pimax EU Office, I would gladly help you out in the best way I can, in
a reasonable time frame during European working hours.

Also if I’m not able to help, I could make sure your ticket gets processed a bit faster and hopefully solved by the rest of the Pimax support team. I have daily close contact with all the support guys, so if you have created your ticket already, and still are awaiting a reply, please leave me a private message together with the SUPEN ticket number, and I will do my best to sort it out for you. Please understand that it may take a few hours for me to reply, especially now in the beginning as I’m just getting started.

And I think it would be easiest for both me and you if I start with you living in Europe only,
as the US support center already is working hard to catch up with the existing support tickets.

Thanks for your patience and please let me know what you think about this.
I’m looking forward to helping out in the best way I can!

Martin Lammi,
Pimax EU Community Relationship Manager


I have pinned this topic. Awesome Martin!


This is a most welcome offer considering the level of frustration here the last few weeks., and nice to see a Pimax employee step up. Cheers Martin


That´s great man!! THX!! :love_you_gesture:


Hi Martin, if they only got you on board for this, it’ll be worth more than anything they though, it’d be. You’re such a valuable addition to this company!
Next stop. get some reliable schedule / milestone info :stuck_out_tongue: (joking)


The fact that Martin has actually stepped up and made active contact is great and I don’t want to diminish that but unfortunately your last point is far from a joke as the constant vagueness and failure to commit to any kind of (even just indicative) release plan just adds to the general message / impression that pimax is an amateur company and so the perception will persist that the quality of products and services are equally unreliable. Just producing a headline-grabbing piece of hardware is not enough to succeed - quality of product and service and customer goodwill are also necessary ingredients.


Thank you guys for the great feedback.

The current tickets that have been reported to me as DM has been taken care of, and I look forward to help all upcoming ones. The Pimax support responds very quickly during their (Chinese and US) working hours, and I think we have something great going on here that will make the support ticket management more efficient this way!

As said already, if you need some help with your ticket, just give me a private message with your SUPEN number (but NOT in this public thread hehe)



The release plans have met a lot of hurdles in form of delays, and I wont defend Pimax here, but I also know that many of these delays have been caused by third party companies not fulfilling the promises or planned progress as Pimax expected. Especially regarding the accessories for Pimax headsets. Its not easy to get accessories in stock on time, especially when they are manufactured and licensed by (for example) competing VR companies. Its very easy to blame it all on Pimax, and I understand the frustration, but Im starting to understand how and why these delays even happened - and that makes things much more clear to me that Pimax is indeed doing everything they can, but its not always enough or possible to do anything more than wait.

Lately the progress has stepped up the game and there are announcements coming of course.


Well Martin your already doing a stellar job! An update sometimes just needs to be what you have posted. While we can presume they are indeed working on it. A simple statement regularly (ie the og 2wk plan) just helps to alleviate some anxieties.

One of the companies I worked for used a static chart with Est times to close an issue & would often bump the completion date if it wasn’t able to be completed.


I can’t even connect, the support page has been bugging for months, I am starting to think it’s on purpose.

It works fine from here.

Alternative URL:

Another alternative URL (this one doesn’t support https though):


Second link works, thank you.


Thanks Dan, I appreciate it. Indeed the whole team is really working hard. I could never imagine how much effort is put into all this, until now when I have some insight.

Indeed, charts and plans will mostly be somehow delayed, in one way or another. There are no problem-free routes :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply Martin but not sure I agree - other companies do seem to manage to sell properly tested, complete and working products without anything like the clamour from frustrated backers and purchasers.

I am not an angry pimax basher, more a despondent vr enthusiast backer who has lost faith in pimax delivering on their original promises / goals and I now tend to ignore most of what is promised given past experience. It’s a shame that a product with such potential is being poorly handled and to be honest, while it is good to hear that there is much effort going on behind the scenes, it doesnt seem to be translating into either a turnaround in company image or promised products actually being available. 6+ months after the release of the headset, there is still no sign of the base stations or controllers so only people with enough money (and some might say less sense) can even use their headset with 6 DoF by purchasing vive components. I find that to be quite a let down and, for me personally, having bought the additional equipment, I then found that most games and experiences run so poorly that I went back to my rift cv1.

Sorry to rant - I guess I have stored that up and this was an opportunity to let it out! I would love to see pimax succeed, not only because I have spent so much money on it but I also love to see a company pursuing ambitious products while others are more conservative. But, as things stand, the occasional “stuff will happen”, “we are working hard” and “be patient” are just a scratched record and don’t cut it for me.


We shouldn’t forget Vive Pro release problems. Broken Pro Audio that early reports they were not sure if it could be fixed (thankfully months later fixed). Firmware update that caused display issues on both Og & pro for some users. And camera features not ready at launch.

Hp Reverb recall on small number pre released causing delays due to display issues (mura? I think)

But I do understand where many are coming from on a variety of concerns.

Perhaps to name a key point not giving a replacement rma headset a thorough check before shipping for example.


Sure, none are perfect but these things are relative and, relatively speaking, I think pimax falls far short of its main competitors, particularly given the effective price point.


True as is true the competition is not offering as high spec product. As we can agree pimax is no where near as established company in comparison.

But is the only company truly aiming for the stars. While others are only launching fancy weather balloons when they could be building starships.

One of the key problems is imho they have aimed very high with an international launch. Which I am grateful for. Where we see a giant like Valve playing it safe with a limited launch that has left us left out(which is Bad for us Canucks being direct neighbors to the USA).

But unlike Target that tried to become Walmart & completely failed(Canada Launch). Pimax is while maybe not stellar is getting there. Albeit slowly & bumpy. As long as they keep moving forward with additional key personel like @PimaxUSA whom has made great efforts in getting the US office up & running; to their recent addition @SweViver.

The road while still pitted & bumpy is getting better; though at times we can only see & feel the potholes.


Thank you martin~~ :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::sunny::sunny:


Definitely. That was indeed a very optimistic move and in today’s situation around the world, its almost impossible to deliver headsets or any kind of electronics to certain countries. This is also a reason for a lot of complains that has been made. People from (for example) Middle East countries with practically a war going on, may not have recieved their units, but thats out of Pimax control I guess, as mail and customs could be ridiculously difficult to deal with for any company. And Valve most likely knew about this and therefore limited the launch to a small amount of countries and regions.

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