DO you get Eye Strain or blur in one lens with an IPD above or below 64mm?

There is another thread about the IPD and eye strain where the dial on the Pimax headset won’t go low enough for people with an IPD of 64mm or less. Some people have eye strain issues, others not. Let’s collectively see what IPDs people have and whether they have issues with the Pimax headsets.

  • My IPD is Above 64mm I get no eye strain and no blur in one lens
  • My IPD is above 64mm I get eye strain or blur in one lens
  • My IPD is the same or below 64mm I get no eye strain or blur in one lens
  • My IPD is the same or below 64mm I get eye strain or blur in one lens

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Just to add something here which has been touched upon in the other thread. The effects of eye strain or blur in one lens can actually be partially solved by really pushing the IPD dial further than it reports and pushing the lenses closer together with one’s fingers. It’s not a hi-tech solution but offers some minor improvement. So, perhaps there is a calibration variance between headsets which might explain why some people don’t have issues and other do.

I just played about 30 minutes in Transference and the images in both lenses was better after I made the above adjustment. That said, it really does feel like you’re going to break the IPD nob so exercise caution. Please post if you find an improvement after doing so.

As for eye strain, I’m still sporting a mild headache from the long VR session last week, hopefully once it has passed I can do another long VR session and see if it returns.


do you also have the problem that everything is about 20% to big?

No, for me in Elite Dangerous, the world seems to be about 10% too small.

People that are getting blur in one eye. Slide hmd to one side. Or move hmd up or down on blurry side.

Which shifts the blur to the other eye…


If that’s the case then you have the ipd too small. Otherwise that would not happen

Come on man. Do really think if the solution was that simple all the people with the complaints would not try what you suggest. I am pretty sure most folks will have tried all sorts of shifting to get it to work. After many hours trying, the conclusion from most is the lenses need to move closer together just a few more millimeters to feel right. It could mean that some HMDs have poorly calibrated IPD dial or lenses that are not fitted correctly.


No I’m saying if you shift the hmd one side and the blur moves to the other eye the ipd is set too low. I’m not saying that people aren’t experiencing discomfort or trying to say people aren’t trying

A diagram would illustrate this better, but what I believe is happening is that at the lowest IPD setting the right eye is on the inside edge of the sweet spot of the lens and is in focus, the left side is on the outer edge of lens and is out of focus. When you shift the HMD to get the other eye in focus the right eye then moves beyond the edge of the lens and sits on the outside too far. This happens in reverse. Increasing the IPD dial as you suggest would simply make it even worse where the blurred side is even further from the center of the lens.

The only solution here is if both lenses converge closer if the IPD nob could move a little more to bring them closer together, literally a few mm here is all that is required.


I’ll have to try that myself. Unfortunately rma at moment so can’t confirm myself so I’ll take your word for it.

I have similar issue with 62mm IPD. However I saw people reporting unfocused one eye while other is perfectly focused with 70mm above IPD in the forum. Aside from lenses giving problems to 64mm and lower IPD users, perfect focus while looking at screen straight with both eyes whatever IPD you have looks also a challenge.

Well these results are rather interesting then. Does it mean my headset is faulty and needs an RMA if so many people with the same IPD as mine have no such issue? I have no way of knowing whether this is the case without trying another headset. Interesting that several other UK users are reporting on this issue. Maybe a bad batch?

Please advise?

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Do you also got a world scale problem?

Initially no, but since fiddling I now have extra large characters in Skyrim and massive steering wheels in PCARS 2. Some Adult VR videos now have extra large ladies whereas before they were normal. Is there a way to factory reset the HMD? Maybe this will help fix it [world scale issue] alongside a complete uninstall then reinstall of pitool.

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Maybe we just got faulty units, because there a people with IPD 60 - 64 and don’t got any issues at all.

My suspicion is it’s a firmware problem caused by a firmware update affecting the distortion correction profile, as it occurs in some headsets and not in others - and in some out of the box likely preloaded with the bad firmware. Contact support to organise an appointment to do a firmware flash and see if that fixes it and report back.

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Actually pitool 111 world scale in Skyrim issue fixed. I think. FFR looks good though.

Just the pitool changed the world scale?
I’m also running 111 but got that bigger world

I am actually finding FFR in pitool 111 helps quite a bit with this issue. More testing needed though.

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